Monday, September 7, 2015

Family times are always fun!

I LOVE it when the granddaughters come over and I get to snap a few photos.
Some don't turn out too great because those girls are FAST movers, but I managed
to get a few cute shots this time.

Ainsley loves her kitty Maeve. We took Maeve and Merida {sister cats} in when
their family moved away for a year, but they are back now and they love to visit
Maeve. {sadly Merida has passed on}

Here kitty...

Ainsley loving on Maeve and she is taking it all in.

This is Merida's grave. You can't see it in this photo, but the girls colored
rocks to lay beside the stone. They miss her, but thankfully they still have Maeve.

A fun stop at Steak and Shake one weekend. Annika appears to be deep in thought.
LOVE those freckles!

This photo and the rest were taken with my cell phone so they aren't too great quality,
but I wanted to include them.

Ainsley always has a smile!

This is right before we went Putt-putt golfing. I was trying to get the girls to
stand still for a photo and they just started acting goofy, running all around
and this is what we ended up with. ha!. Annika's expression cracks me up!

Loving the family times that we thought we going to be few and far between , but their family has
 returned and we are loving it.

What is not to love right???

Have a blessed week ahead! 


Junkchiccottage said...

The girls are adorable. How sweet. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Love the shot of Ainsley with the cat. Tooo sweet.

Julie Marie said...

Hello dear Sandi... precious photos!... sorry I have been away for a long time... our precious Tessy girl had been so very sick, and she passed away several weeks ago... our hearts are broken and I have been in a deep sadness... I have privatized my blog for now as I do not want to delete it, but I also do not want people taking my photos of her... and am not posting right now... hope all is well with you, much love, Julie Marie