Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I am privileged to be sewing Angel Baby Gowns again

I consider it a privilege once again to be sewing angel baby gowns for precious little ones
who don't get to stay here on earth. Be it through stillbirth, miscarriage, fatal diagnosis
in the womb etc. they are all special and each one is made in His image.

I hope to bring a little bit of love to these families and although most likely we will never
meet face to face, I put so much love in each and every stitch and many prayers as well.

Our family knows all too well the grief of losing a little one before their life even begins and it
is heartbreaking. Society thinks a person should get over it and move on in a few weeks, but
that does not happen and it shouldn't happen. These little ones were a huge part of each and every
family that loved and wanted them so very much.

Sufficient Grace Ministries was there for our family in the midst of our unbearable heartache and we
can't say enough great things about them. From taking hundreds of photos of each of us with our
Eden to making hand-prints, to giving a gown that someone made, a blanket, books, etc. and most
of all their prayers. Gods love was abundant that day along with our unquenchable grief and it was
amazing. I can't imagine being my son and his wife because being a grandparent is gut-wrenching
enough when something like this happens. 

I started making gowns for sweet babies in August 2016 just a mere three months after we
had to say goodbye to Eden Rain before we could even say hello. A perfectly formed and
beautiful little full term girl with dark hair. She was so very loved before she was even
born. We don't understand why these things happen, but we hold dear to our hearts that
someday we will see her again in Heaven.

I have been working on 13 tiny dresses. THIRTEEN! They all came from ONE donated wedding
 dress. Amazing!! I thank God for the people who donate because without them I couldn't do
 what I do at all. May God bless each and every one of them!

Sufficient Grace is a ministry that always needs help, prayer and support so if you feel inclined
 to give , please click here and you will be taken to Sufficient Grace Ministries page.

They are so very thankful for any support you can give be it large or small.

We miss our precious Eden so very much and no one will ever replace her, but her mommy and
daddy are expecting their first little boy due in November. Could you please pray with me that
all goes well and he is born a very healthy baby? We would appreciate that so very much!

The wedding dress that I made these gowns from was LOADED with beads, trim, sequins and was
gorgeous! The owner of it was thrilled to see that I was able to make so many tiny dresses. I think I can
even get one or two more out of it!

Some families don't have anything nice to dress their babies in so they are thrilled to
receive a dress to lay their precious little one to rest. All they will ever have is the
moments of letting go. No watching them grow, no firsts etc. It is over before it
even begins for many women.
In making these gowns we want to let them know that we are walking
along side them on their grief journey and that God is with them also.

I am sure if I read back through this post it probably sounds like I am babbling on and one,
but this is very near and dear to my heart. Until next time...

Please hug your loved ones a little tighter and give those sweet babies and grandbabies
kisses and hugs from me.



Junkchiccottage said...

Good Morning Sandi. What a sweet and loving gift you are blessing these families that have such great loss. You know that heartache of this kind of loss so these beautiful gowns are such a beautiful gift for other families with great loss like yours. I too hate when people think you should move on after such a tremendous loss. I never feel you can move on and be over this kind of loss. Life continues and time has a way of making this kind of loss more tolerable but I never feel anyone can get over something like this. I am glad you continue to grieve your loss of sweet Eden and channel some of that pain into these blessing gowns. You are such an earth angel.

Kathy said...

This is a wonderful and beautiful thing you are doing. You are so talented to take a wedding dress and turn it into a blessing for so many grieving families. God bless you for standing beside those who have lost precious little ones.