Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1

I rarely post two in one day , but just had to share this...

Can you believe this little cutie pie? I just nabbed this
off of my son's facebook page.

He also posted how he hadn't been feeling well and so
his wife and sister took the kids out on a playdate and
he took some medicine to knock him out and went to bed.

He told his wife he would leave the door
unlocked so they didn't need their keys.
He woke up 15 minutes later to a loud crash and
his huge HDTV was laying broken on the floor.

Said the only thing he can figure is that someone
tried to take it off the wall and dropped it because
it was so heavy. So far his inventory shows his 360 and
blue ray player also missing. Luckily the iMac was
upstairs and they must not have went up there.
He doesn't think the shock has set in yet, and doesn't know
what Liss will say when she gets home.

Many caring people commented telling him
they are so sorry and hope it all works out and that
maybe his home owners insurance will cover it etc. etc.

Then someone eluded to what day this is.
He is a stinker!!
He had me hook , line and sinker and I was
ready to make a phone call... until I read
the incriminating comments.

Glad he had a little fun on this crazy day!! Blessings~


A Cottage Muse said... goodness! That was a good one! That baby is so very precious....and I'm not fooling!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my gosh you had me goin.... The baby is very beautiful and aren't they oh so sweet....

Elyse said...

grrrrr! you had me going, too!

let's get back to sweet baby instead. awwwww!


Jillian said...

Oh he's just ADORABLE! I would have posted him on there, too! Your son is quite the stinker...but glad all are actually okay!

Alice W. said...

Oh my goodness! Too too cute! Now that's making me want one! My 'maternal instincts' have been kicking in as of late but we really want to wait to get a house...but then I see a pic like this and think...ooh I want one! Hehe ;)

Oh and you had me going too for a bit...I was so worried for!!!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

What a sweet heart, a treasure. SO little yet, LOL Hugs, Jane - Oh yes, I am not fooling either!

Miss Gracie's House said...

That is so *not* funny...don't these boys know what this does to mothers!
But oh, the little sweet!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

I never could pull off an April fools joke! Makes me nervous!

Your new baby looks so soft and cuddly! ♥

becky said...

Oh hes sooo cute.I want to pick him up through my pc screen lol.Happy Easter to you and your family!

Irene said...

If my husband was reading this he would not read to the end and would be on the phone with suggestions as to what gang did this. (He's a retired cop, but he's hasn't adjusted to retirement well.) What a stinker indeed. Your grad baby is absolutely perfect.

June said...

What a little blessing this dear one is Sandi. I think your son is so funny. I always tried to get my husband every year on AFD and one year I had found out that I was pregnant a couple weeks before the first and decided to wait to tell him until April Fools day. Needless to say, he didn't believe me. It was several weeks more until he was finally convinced. lol

fairmaiden said...

Ahhh I miss my babies!!! now I gotta wait for grandbabies. You are blessed...this one is the cutest ever!

Patty said...

What a trickster! But that is pretty funny :)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Ooh Sandi,
You had me so worked up, I didn't finish reading the post and started telling Shayne about it then happened to glance down at the rest! Glad to hear all is alright. Your little grand baby is beautiful.
HAPPY EASTER to you too!

BellaRosa said...

Sandi amor, your new lil grandbebe is so gorgeous, so makes me want one...cept for the fact that I can sleep in and not worry about missing a feeding :) Your son is too funny...and here I was feeling so bad for him too lol I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter! Besos, Rose

Jason said...

Oh, I know what this does to mothers! A little pay back for everything mothers do to kids :)