Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happily doing my part...

to help out!

My beautiful sister-in-law dropped off these
Krispy Kreme donuts
a few minutes ago.

Just doing my part to help out
her kids fundraising project ~
Are you drooling yet?

I certainly wouldn't ever want to miss
the opportunity to help support this

If you have never had Krispy Kreme donuts...

They just melt in your mouth...

as the package says,
* 0 trans fat...100% delicious*

I am going to try real hard to be a good girl and only
eat one or two...or...somebody stop me!

I hope you are having a wonderful day today. The weather here
is gorgeous. Supposed to be in the middle 70's. I am running
around like a crazy woman trying to get things done and
ready to move into my larger booth tomorrow, but
had to take the time to share these with you.

After all I was taught as a child to always share!

Have a beautiful day.



A Cottage Muse said...

Mmmmm, delicious! Have fun setting up your new space ~ can't wait to see some photos!!

Christy said...

well, those look simply fabulous! :)

Lara (Under The Lilacs) said...

Wow.. drool. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've had a KK donut! They have seem to all gone out of business in the Chicago suburbs. Isn't the weather just wonderful!?! Enjoy. :-)

fairmaiden said...

Mmmmm. Our Krispy Creams closed down. Not that I ate there much. But it was fun to take the kids for a treat.

I'm actually eating a warmed up cinnamon roll from IKEA with my tea this morning.

LDH said...

Ah, Sandi, you're such a champ... helping out with good causes and all :) If I were nearby, I'd kindly give you a hand with those Krispy Creams!

Elyse said...


we had just 1 krispy kreme in RI and it closed! i guess new england loves its dunkin donuts. this donut looks delish. microwave it for 8 seconds* and have a bite for me, 'kay?


*all treats are even better when microwaved for :08!