Monday, May 30, 2011

Renaissance Faire

When we visit our son and his family who live about
2 hours away we try to cram in all the fun we can in
a couple days and this past weekend was no

Friday evening: Olive Garden
Saturday: garage sales in the neighborhood
and then off to the RC races...along with a few
times when their van would not start so had
to borrow jumper cables...twice.
Sunday: Church, lunch, Renaissance Faire,
sons 30th birthday party...and back home.

I had to share some pictures from the Ren
Faire and of my sweeties. Be forewarned there
are lots of grandchildren photos in this post :)

Fairy Annika

Fairy Keira

Just inside the entrance they had these fairy halos for sale and of course grandma had to get them each one. These are the ones they chose. Annika is trying to do the fairy dance that they were teaching her....Keira wanted no part of it.

there was all kinds of headgear and clothing

I felt so sorry for these people who were all dressed up
because it was about 90 degrees and so humid...
hot, hot, hot!

Our two little fairies got an *audience with the queen*.
This gentleman said that usually the queen does not
see fairies , but she might make an exception. He
announced them to her and and she agreed to see
them :)

They want to sing her a song and she is asking them
what songs they know.

We even found some pirates sitting near
the queen. Yikes!

They are all singing twinkle , twinkle little star.

They also bowed to the queen , but I didn't
get that photo...bummer.

Such a long, hot day, but the little fairies were determined
to have a good time.

Fairy Annika even got her face painted.
Again...Keira wanted nothing to do with it.
She is more of an onlooker and not so much a
participant. lol.

Two sweet fairies sitting under a mushroom.

Playing ring toss

Picking a prize out of the treasure chest.

Right before we left we all had had to stick our
faces in these holes and get photos.
This is my youngest son and his wife.

Such a fun ,but very busy couple days.
Making memories while we can and cherishing
each and every one of them!



Marydon said...

Sweet Sandi, the girls are darling! Love the pictures & how much fun you had. Happy Birthday to your son.

Have a beautiful week.

Irene said...

Your girls are just GRAND. I love that festival, but it does get hot for the actors.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... darling photos!... sounds like you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!... xoxo Julie Marie

A Cottage Muse said...

The faire looks like so much fun! We have one here in the fall and haven't been in a few years!

marie said...

Such sweet little fairies!