Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Larkspur in my garden

I consider myself kinda knowledgable about flowers since I have grown them for years, but I don't think I have ever planted larkspur.
If I have, it would have been years ago and I sure don't remember it. I was drawn to this beauty in the market a couple weeks ago. Can you guess why? Because of it's gorgeous white blooms!

I think they are just stunning.

The white blooms against the blue glass
make them look even more beautiful.

I planted her in front of my porch and when I shot this photo I was delighted to get my birdbath pedestal in the background.

White blooms with a french correspondence letter.
{I will tell you more about that later I promise}

I also had to throw in this photo of my Miss Kim
lilacs from a few weeks ago. This plant was prolific
in it's blooms this year and I was thrilled . Last year
it hardly bloomed at all. The smell is just
amazing and it is planted right outside our
back door so we get to smell it every day.

Linking up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm
again this week for White Wednesday. We certainly can't forget the most important day of the week in blogland now can we?



Fishtail Cottage said...

Gorgeous! loving their petals!

stefanie said...

beautiful, every year I get drawn in by them, but I haven't had luck, so sad, cause they are gorgeous!

Victoria said...

Those are beautiful flowers and so perfect for a White Wednesday post!

d. reyné said...

I love your larkspur!
I honestly don't think i have ever seen it in white!
I love it in the blues and lavenders but I have never had much luck growing it myself!
You might have share your secrets!
See ya soon!

Irene said...

I've never even heard of this plant, it's lovely.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh how beautiful!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

your blooms are quite lovely sandi and i can't wait to hear more about that French letter!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Your larkspur is just lovely, Sandi! It so-o caught my eye as I was perusing my blog friends. If that beautiful flower doesn't put you in the gardening mood, nothing will:)!

Heaven's Walk said...

Sandi - your larkspur and lilacs are just beautiful! I love the white goodness of them both! :)

xoox laurie

Barb said...

The larkspur and your photos are gorgeous!

Marydon said...

Now I know what I planted, blue Larkspur. They are awesome. Intend to get more next year ... maybe this year. As a child I remembered growing them in my wee patch in front of the garage & when I saw them I had to have that plant this year.

Wow! We got ONE!!!! single lilac off all our bushes this year ... yup! JUST ONE!! Ugh! Your are fabulous ... envy here.

Have a great week, my freind ~

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Breathtaking ! Your photos are too.

A Cottage Muse said...

How gorgeous!

So said I can't upload photos today to join in on WW ~ I was going to share my wedding photos since it's my anniversary! Hopefully tomorrow!

Trisha said...

Beautiful flowers! I love the blue glass you have in there too! Happy WW!!


Faded Charm said...

Your larkspur is beautiful. I've tried to grow it, but it doesn't seem to want to come back each year, oh well, I'll just admire your beautiful pics:-)


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful images, Sandi!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Liz said...

Lovely! I like the one with the post card the best!


victoriantailor said...

They are stunning!! I have purple larkspur and every once in a while a white one grows, Celeste, victoriantailor.com

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... your Larkspurs are so pretty and I love how they look with the blue... you have such a way with decorating and arranging everything just perfectly... xoxo Julie Marie

Betty said...

Gorgeous! Both Larkspur and the Lavender blooms...I grow Larkspur and have tried Lavenders but our temperatures are so hot in the southern US that they don't live...

Happy Summer! Betty @ Country Charm

Opulent Oddities said...