Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roses and peonies

Before we get to the roses and peonies I have a
question. Is it time to change my blog header? I still love it, but I also have noticed that so many
other people change theirs up quite often and I
don't want to end up having a boring blog that no one
wants to is it time for a change?? Please let me know what you think. :)

{with that being said I just purchased calling cards

that has my current blog header on them}

This is my one and only peony bloom of the whole season
so I had to get some mileage out of her.

The pictures are kinda out of order as this one
was taken when she was "on her way out" and
her petals were starting to droop.

Peony in blue glass with plain background

and peony in a vignette

Also, my beautiful old fashioned roses in
different settings. How do you like the contrast
of the china bowl and rust?

In a small pitcher close up

Or in a wooden box out on the deck

If you could smell this fragrance you would
want to bottle it and keep it forever.
Yes, they smell that good!

I wanted to take a break today from all the
french pretties and show you some of my flowers
so I hope you enjoyed them.



Anonymous said...

Your blog header is beautiful and I know I would never tire of it. I think as long as you love keep it! Your garden blooms are so lovely, especially how you mix them up in your vignettes!



Irene said...

Your blog header is great, don't change it up.I always find those that change it make me wonder if I'm in the right place. One peony? But the roses make up for it, don't they? I don't do peony, they just don't like my heavy clay soil. And even my roses are looking poorly this week, we need rain, watering just doesn't do it. I love the rust and china too.

Susie said...


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... ooh, I love your beautiful Peony and your roses... I can just smell them from here!... so pretty in the blue canning jar... and I also love your header and would NOT change it!... sometimes change is good, but most of the time I am not one for alot of changes... your header suits you and your blog perfectly!... Jack always tells me "if you find a good thing, stick with it"... I am keeping my current header of my favorites roses FOREVER!... xoxo Julie Marie

Susan said...

Beautiful peonies and a beautiful blog! I just found your blog and really enjoyed it!!

Donna said...

Changing your header is quite up to you! It depends on whether you want it to keep it as part of your "brand" for selling your wares. I don't sell and just blog for the fun of it. So I change mine up with the seasons.

I love the pink of the peony and roses! Aaaawww, so beautiful!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

I love your banner...I do understand about changing it. I make mine and think about having one done "right".
Love your one peony and your roses are lovely!

sonya said...

Hi Sandi,
No, don't change your header! It won't feel like home! :)
I so love peonies and the antique rose is gorgeous-I COULD just smell it now! The peonies remind me of my stepmother. And I have a very old rosa rugosa that was given to me by my old neighbor (she was 82 when she gave it to me)and it had belonged to her mother! And it smells divine! I have moved 4 times since and it goes whereever I go, but I always leave a start of it for the new owner.
Thank you sharing your beautiful photos.

Trisha said...

Such pretty flowers! I would love to be able to smell the roses! I like your blog header-so delicate and dreamy! Have a great day!


A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sandi...your flowers are gorgeous!

As for your header...I have been changing mine here and there but I am thinking of keeping the one I have now just having one of those talented people out there make it look a bit more professional. Maybe keep this one for spring and summer and get a new one for fall and winter?

Marydon said...

Well! FINALLY! I can leave a comment, now I hope when I PUSH to send it gets to you. This blogger has been a MESS!

No, your header is just beautiful. But if you do, I know it will be gorgeous,also.

Oh, sweet friend, your roses are AWESOME. What are the names of them? Your peony is so pretty ... ours are long gone.

You bring such elegance to your vignettes, Sandi. Dreamy, beautiful ... you always present things in the most aesome settings.

Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day with your family.

Have missed you.

A Rosy Note said...

Oh, look at all your pretty flowers. Love that peony. Those are one of my favorites. And, those roses are just beautiful. I can only imagine how wonderful they must smell.

I think of you've grown tired of your header than change it, but if YOU still love it than keep it around. It's very pretty :)

Bonjade said...

Oh how I love peonies......and pink is also one of my favorite colour......
Breath taking pictures.

Oh love your header still.
Fine new week

Passionate for White said...

I've always loved your blog header so I would never suggest changing it!

Amanda Kaake said...

I like seeing headers that are the same - otherwise I think I'm at the wrong blog. lol But..if you want to change it, go ahead.

I LOVE peonies.

Sheila said...

I love your roses! What kind are they? I'm planning for next year. :)

I say keep your blog header. I follow so many, it is good to have some remain the same!

d e l i g h t said...

Hello, just found your blog and have been enjoying everything I see. Lovely photos. A new follower.