Friday, June 24, 2011

Front porch serenity

My ivy geranium on my front porch has really
taken a growth spurt lately with all the rain
we have had and I love it.

I don't know if I have ever told you, but we live on a dirt road
{what other kinds of roads are there in Michigan!}
in a two story house that was
built in the 1890's. We have lived here for over
29 years
and truth be told we will probably always live here.
Once in awhile I get the urge to pack it all up and
move ,but then when I think of all the work
involved ...yea, it stops me dead in my tracks! lol.
Our home sweet home still needs a lot of
work! We went through several years of babies,
lay-offs, machinist strikes, etc. and the time
just has never been right to fix it all up
like it needs to be.
We did replace the siding ourselves one
year when the kids were still at home, hubby
was working 10 or more hours a day and he was
also coaching our sons little league team at the time.
He would get home from work, we would literally
throw a couple pieces of siding on the house
and then run off to a game. I don't know how,
but we finally did manage to get it all sided
that year.
However those little *finishing touches* like the
soffit, trim etc never got all done. Almost , but not totally.
We are hoping to get that accomplished this
summer but once again...
Hubby is working a lot again so that doesn't leave much
time. We also need to replace a few of the windows.
Hopefully within a couple years we will get that
accomplished too, but God is good and I do enjoy
my little corner of the world...most of the time!
Remember this mirror? I think I had photos up
of it last year when it was dark green. I gave it the white treatment and it goes so much
better now don't you think?
A birds nest that I found while trimming bushes one day.
There is still part of a broken egg shell in it.

I purchased this wicker stand one year at a garage sale for $5.00! Still can't believe that price.

I love anything architectural!

I love this bush when it is in bloom. Also loving this plant
stand that I purchased for 5.99.

Don't look too close! The allysum in the pot is almost
dead I think...but it is coming back now slowly
but surely. lol.

View from the west end of the porch.

One of these days I would like to paint

( I mean...I would Mr. Wayside to paint) the green
table and chairs white and our dark blue shutters
white as well. I also want to get a new market
umbrella for the table. All in due time.
I just planted a lilac bush at this end too so am
anxious for that to grow and fill in the space. Once in awhile I toy with the idea of hanging
airy curtains at this end of the porch too.
What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed your tour of my front porch.

Maybe next time I can get better photos of the
glider and other items that I missed.



Mary Ellen said...

Sandi what a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a few quiet moments. Your porch is so lovely! I have always loved the look of sheers on the porch, probably because I don't have a porch to try them on! Also it is so windy here I wonder just how well they would wear. I can definitely see you pretty area outlined with some pretty sheers though!

bee blessed

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, I love your front porch and your little corner of the world... I would sooo love to own an older home like yours too... they have so much more character to them... and so many stories to tell... your mirror looks so pretty white!... and your Ivy Geranium is my favorite!... xoxo Julie Marie

Crystal said...

I love your porch!!! It's so inviting!!! The perfect entry way!!! I would go for the curtains!!!

Irene said...

Love the idea of a sheers on your porch. And I kinda like the coloured table and chairs, it's a splash of colour.

Susan said...

Hi Sandi,
I'm loving your porch, plants and that price on that amazing plant stand! Everything looks great as is, but I know what you mean about nagging projects. I like your idea of airy curtains out there. What a restful place.
Perfect for enjoying summer.
- Susan said...

Your porch is lovely! I'm coveting your birdie mirror!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi.. You have a sweet and charming area for welcoming friends and neighbors and enjoying yorself... I am off with a couple friends to a garden show over in the Sherwood area this morning in about a hour.... I need to take some time and get away for a bit... I have been in a bit of a negative mood it seems as of late and so want not to go there... Yesterday was a afternoon I just sat and cried it out and things seem to be much better this morning... The weather seems to control many of my feelings as I don't go too much and I think it is high time we should be enjoying the outside but Mother Nature has been rather mean... Maybe next week.... Today and tomorrow is suppose to be good and we have Tom's sisters and aunt who are nuns coming along with his brother from Toledo tomorrow so hopefully we can enjoy the decks and out of doors... Soon I would like to ride through some Amish territory as the wheat harvest begins as I love to view them working in the fields.I don't know where I want to ride however.... Sending blessings....

A Cottage Muse said...

Sandi your photos are just wonderful! I love your table and chairs the color that they are...makes a nice contrast with all your lovely whites!

Congrats to the winners of your giveaway too!

Linda said...

Beautiful little porch. I love all the vignettes.

Susie said...


Donna said...

It was truly delightful to visit on your front porch! Such charming character it has!

Packing up and moving is not easy, I can sure vouch for that! We're not moving anymore. We're done, LOL. I like the idea of a fabric draped on the side there! Something gauzy and white, with a pull-back when you want to tuck it back from the winds. You just need to find the right kind of fabric that won't mildew.

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

I would love to come have you take me through your lovely home and then have tea on the porch or in the garden - I would be in heaven! I dearly love that mirror. I like to find old interesting pieces of decorative ironwork, planters, etc and given some of them a splash of bright paint to nestle among the plants in the garden. We have installed a fountain in the front garden and it is so relaxing to sit and listen!