Monday, September 26, 2011

More Stockings, Etsy and a nickel

I sure got a bee in my bonnet to keep sewing up more stockings so I am sewing while the bee is around because I know it could fly off at anytime and then the sewing machine will be put away...for who knows how long. lol
This one was made out of a linen jumper. I look for clothes at the Goodwill just to sew up into pretties and knew I had to get this.  It looked brand new, but I don't wear jumpers so it came home with me to be ripped apart and sewn into something else.  This one is ragged...ripped edges on the ruffle and bow.

close up of the bows and ruffle. Love it. This one is unlined.

I used part of a ruffle from a gauzy fabric skirt to embellish this stocking. This one is lined.

gauzy rose made for it as well.
Some of you have asked and yes I am planning on getting these in my Etsy store soon...hopefully.

On another note, my five year old grandson Jon finally *passed* his nickle. I can think of better things to do than swallow a nickle! My poor daughter. That was not a good night for her. She called here after 10 pm and talked to hubby and wondered if she should take him to the ER...{I was in bed}...he suggested yes just to be safe.
So she did. They told her just to let it much for a 2nd opinion from us...ha ha!

On her way home from the ER darling daughter had pulled into their subdivision and was turning left (their home is right around the corner) and she smashed right into someones car...she did not see them. A neighbor that lived three doors down that she had never met until then. Really messed up her expensive car (this is why we don't drive expensive and found out that she only has limited collision so not only does she have to pay $1,000 out for the neighbors car , but has to pay for all the repairs on her car too out of their insurance money at all.  Bummer. Thankfully her hubby works as an engineer at GM and they will be okay, but that is really a knockout punch when you least expect it.  I told her to slowwwww down...goodness. Glad no one was hurt, but hate that it had to happen.

I do believe that God works all things out for our good though...I really do and something will come out of this if only a lesson to slow down and take it easy. I can tell you the last time I got a speeding ticket it really made me assess the situation and realize that I really needed to watch my speed and I really have. I almost wanted to send the officer who ticketed me a thank you note for jolting me back to reality. Now, no, I am not a speedster...he got me for leaving town and I was up to 51 in a 35 or something like that thinking I was farther out of town than I actually was. So...moral of the story...God worked it out for MY good too. Not always fun lessons, but sometimes ones that need to be learned.
Happy Monday everyone!!


tinemor said...

I love your blogg!!
Huggs, Tine

Amy Kinser said...

The stockings are beautiful. So feminine...

andrea said...

These are so sweet and vintage. Oh, how I wish I could sew. I love your work! andrea @ townandprairie

Irene said...

Great sewing. Sorry your babies are going through a rough patch, a nickel indeed. Glad no one was hurt in the accident. Have a wonderful week.

A Cottage Muse said...

Love these stockings glad you've got the sewing fever! I'll be stalking your Etsy!

Wow...lots of goings on (and comings out) in your family! Sorry...couldn't resist!