Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkins on parade

I have been on the hunt this year for unique pumpkins and not just your standard orange. I have found a few, but would love to find some more. This one was nabbed at the local farmers market and I L.O.V.E. it!! Hubby isn't so sure. He said it looks like it is diseased. I just laughed , paid the lady and schlepped it into hubby's arms for him to carry. :) I will say we got a lot of compliments about it on the way to the car so that just made me feel so much better. ha ha!! Hubby...not so much.

I think I found most of these if not all at the farmers market too.  I love the ones that have the long curly stem still attached. I don't know why some are picked with hardly no stem at all so I snatched these cuties up.

Wondered what a few would look like in my birdcage...they look kinda lost I would say!

Isn't she a beauty?? Perfect shape and wonderful stem!!

I picked this one up at Meijer yesterday..I know I a store ??? But they had all kinds of unique pumpkins in the produce department. Problem is most of them were missing their stems too. ugh. I waffled back and forth on this one, but it finally came home with me...tiny stem and all.
Happy pumpkin hunting!!


GardenChic said...

I love this time of year, FALL. All your photos of different colors and sizes of the pumpkins are fantastic. They inspire me to take more photos of the pumpkins we are growing in our garden. Thanks for the inspiration!

Love, Jody

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Great pumpkins--especially the little white ones that are so white. I am sorry to say I have to agree with your husband a little--but it will definately add interest and texture to your pumpkin display. The last one is a really cool color I haven't seen before.

Ido said...

Love, love all those beautiful pumpkins, haven't seen any green at the stores.

Revi said...

What a nice assortment of colors and textures! I totally agree with you about the stems. :)

Marilyn said...

So many unique pumpkins. Around here Pumpkins got flooded out so they are at a premium!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

All so sweet! i have yet to pick up some "real" pumpkins and must do so after seeing all of yours. i am especially loving the eons in the bird cage! Happy WW! (P.S. good thing you weren't with us at The White Elephant because me thinks we would be grabbing for the very SAME tresors! ;))

andrea said...

We actually produced a lumpy one like that in our garden this year. Aren't they adorable? Your green one is ravishing and your tinies look like something out of a fairytale. andrea@townandprairie

A Cottage Muse said...

Oh have found the perfect pumpkins!!
My local place didn't get them this year because they were too expensive! Pinning yours!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Love them all...I'm hoping to get over to the produce market tomorrow to get some.