Friday, March 9, 2012

Fairies and finds

I have been flitting about lately like a fairy picking up this and that with my magic wand and I
thought  you might like to see what it found.  :)

These numbers in the original box for 70 cents. The buttons were 21 cents.

{I know I promised I would wash the window , but it has been too cold or if it has been
warm enough then I forget so please bear with me}

Loving this old sewing machine drawer that I found at the same store. {a local store that I frequent}
 It was regular $8 , but on sale for $5.68. I will use it to hold some food or pretties at the fairy party.

  Oh, did I not mention that? I am deep in the planning stages of a fairy party for my
grand girls this summer. That is  why you will see me flitting about on any given day
 collecting items that my beautiful  little fairies might need. 

Found these bottles at Home Goods for 3.99 each. Dish soap or hand soap?

{I initially thought I had purchased these at TJ Maxx, but then remembered it
was Home Goods}

Couldn't pass this up for 3.99 will probably hold candles for the party.
{TJ Maxx }

Lovely Paris note card set from  TJ Maxx  again for 4.99...or maybe Marshalls? I went to
all these stores in one day and I do get kinda mixed up. lol.  I adore pretty papers
and I always have.  I actually do use them, but I have accumulated quite a stash.

Here is the beautiful box again from a local it.

What fairy doesn't want to add some twinkle to her life? These boxes of silver twinkle letters and swirls
were only 1.99 each at TJ  Maxx...can you tell that I love that store?  These boxes measure 5 x 7 inches
and hold a lot of chipboard twinkle goodness. Still can't get over the price! As you can see I picked
up several.

Last , but not least I received a $5 coupon in the mail to a local gift/book store for my birthday
(coming up) for any book they had...this caught my eye and won me over.

I will be sharing more fairy goodness soon I hope. I have purchased fairy clothes, shoes, and all  kinds
of goodies for my little fairies to have a grand time. It will be under the *big top* and we will make
plenty of memories! {in my new white tent} No boys allowed that will just be for my beautiful,
sweet girl fairies!! 


julie - eab designs said...

I know where I'm headed to.... TJ Maxx! Love the dispenser bottles. Could think of a hundred things I could store in the pink drawer too.

Julie Marie said...

Oh Sandi, the fairy party sounds so enchanting, I want to come!... what magic you are creating for those little girls... they will never forget it!... xoxo Julie Marie

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

1. Sounds liek ti will be such a fun party!
2. I LOVE the sewing drawer.
3. When my husband asks me why I *have* to go to TJ Maxx tonight...I am blaming you! lol. Love the things you found. It's been years since I have been to TJ Maxx!

HillHouse said...

I've been finding great treasures at some local stores where I live. It is nice when you don't have to go out of town to find things, even though road trips can be so...much fun.

Deborah said...

Wow! you have got some amazing finds there, love love love the little drawers, so cute :) have a happy weekend sweetie

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I spent a week looking a pretty little fairies...can't wait to see your party! Are you going to wear some sparkles too?! I've enjoyed catching up with you today!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

It all sounds enchanting Sandi! You will plan the most magical fairy party I am sure.
Love that sewing drawer box, and fabulous finds from our favorite Home Goods/TJ Maxx!

Josie said...

I love your little button card :)

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I especially love that little wire candle holder form TJ Max! I got my oldest daughter that address book, and now I want it for myself. The pictures are amazing! TFS!

Passionate for White said...

I didn't realize until just NOW....I NEED twinkle letters! :)

Susie said...

Sandi, Everything looks so pretty and wow what deals. Makes me want to have a little girl party.:):) Maybe Emma and Savannah, they are my g.daughters. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

How fun to be planning a fairy party for the girls. I love TJ Maxx/Homegoods, our is one big store. Love all of the great items you have found.


June said...

hi Sandi,
I want to be a fairy at your party (in my little whiney voice) it sounds like so much fun.
You un-earthed the best 'stuff'!!!!
I love both those stores too.

I kind of got interrupted in the heart making, so that is why I haven't sent you any photos of them. I have so many half way done, but not completed. I hope you will bear with me.

And now for a little favor, does your friend in your previous post who has those awesome clips have a way I can e-mail her? I really would love to buy some of the clips from here. I have been looking everywhere for those.
sending bug hugs your way...