Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pretty pictures vs reality

Have I ever shown you my dining room? I can't remember what I have posted and what
I haven't so forgive me if I already have shown you this. lol.

My husband purchased this buffet above at an auction before we were married for $10.
It sat out in his parents barn for awhile before I found out about it and rescued it. I have
 loved it ever since.
BUT... I am wondering...
I would love to paint it white and have been given permission by hubby, but I just don't
know if I should or not. I even considered painting just the top white.  If you look
 closely the bottom door on the left has a piece that my father had to replace for me
 years ago when my daughter put her foot through it...yea we won't even talk about
 that. It was a different time and place and thank God she isn't in that place anymore.

Suggestions please...white or not or part white?? I am also still on the
lookout for a replacement handle for the top left drawer...
the part of the hangle that swings is missing.

Oh,  I almost forgot. Got the antique beveled mirror above for 50 cents
at a garage sale. It was falling apart and all hubby had to do was glue and
clamp it and wa la!! Love it!

My Heywood Wakefield hutch...yes I have all types and colors of wood in this room.
I would love to paint this white as well, but hubby has NOT given permission to paint this
piece yet. lol. We got this piece from his parents  many years ago.  They had it in a shop that
 they owned for awhile and it looked horrible. I stripped the whole thing and finished
it with paste wax. {wish I had before pics}

My dining room corner...one of them anyways. 

I know I have shown this chair before. Still loving it...:)

I sure love these suitcases and this is where they landed until I find a better place.

Painted this steel door years ago also and painted the rose stencil on when those were
*in*. I would love to paint over it, but that means I would have to paint the whole door
 and I haven't a clue what color I used so I am still working on that.

My house is not huge, but I do love it because it is home. I can't imagine having a bigger place to
 clean either.:)

Remember the title...pretty pictures vs reality?? Here is the reality! ROFL!! This is my dining room table
 loaded down and truthfully it looks like this more times than not. How sad is that. I have always been
 a cleany, meany, but sometimes stuff just ends up here between shopping sprees and changing
 up decor.  My bff once told me NOT to purchase a dining room table because it is just a place for
things to accumulate. Boy was she right!! 

I am working on getting all of this put away today and I have quite a bit done since I took these photos.
Fairy shoes, candles, roses, feather tree, magazines, books, cell phone, yada yada yada! hee hee
Linking up to White Wednesday over at Faded Charm because I love WW and because there is
some white in my photos. *smile*


Christy said...

I am sure that if you paint the pieces, they'll be lovely. I have to admit I really love the contrast of the wood grain against the white though. :)

Passionate for White said...

I think it would look great painted white...surprise, surprise. But, if you wanted two-toned I'd say paint everything white EXCEPT for the top.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hey! How did you get pictures of my dining room table!? haha! Constant battle! I think if you painted your sideboard your hutch would be even more of a beautiful standout and give you the contrast that is so nice. I constantly remindmyself that if I had a bigger house I would just fill it with more stuff and YES! have more to clean.

Sue said...

I'd leave the sideboard as is. Its beautiful...it would be a shame to cover up the wood. Your dining rm is just charming!

Sue said...

I'd leave the sideboard as is. Its beautiful...it would be a shame to cover up the wood. Your dining rm is just charming!

Bliss said...

My reality looks exactly like your table. Actually your table has some really cute stuff on it, so my table reality isn't near as nice as yours.

As far as painting.... I say go for it, you'll always wonder if you don't.


Shabby chic Sandy said...

I always think everything looks better painted white so I guess you know what my vote is:)

Marydon said...

No, no, NO!!! It is stunning as she stands, Sandi. What a magnificent lady she is, Sandi. Love your decor & all the fluff.

Have a beautiful eve ~
Hugs of love,

~ GIVEAWAY ends 3/15 ~

Lady Farmer said...

Oh, Sandi!
The side board is beautiful and would be a shame to cover it up. I think it is great to paint cheaper pieces white, but this one is just too grand.

Next time you find a neat mirror for .50, get it for me, will ya?! :~}

Faded Charm said...

I love this room and all your different wood pieces. I have a hard time painting anything that is already wood because I'm really liking the warmth it brings.

We all know what that table full of treasures looks like. I can happily say that I spent this weekend cleaning mine off and we actually ate dinner in the dining room again...what a concept! I have such a disease:-)

Take care,

Donna said...

LOL, I love the feather tree on your table! I spotted that right away! I'm not sure whether you should paint that one piece of furniture or not. It's good to have some wood-tone in your decor if you already have a lot of white/off-white. And you might want to check into antique reproduction hardware for it - http://www.antique-hardware.com/drawerpulls.htm If you can't match the one broken piece, then you could replace all of them. It's really not as pricey as you think!

Barbara Jean said...

Mine looks like that most of the time, and so does the rest of the house. =/

barbara jean

June said...

Laughing now......because that is how the top of my dresser looks most of the time. I put everything there until I put it where it belongs. What I can't figure out is why I don't just put it in it's proper place FIRST!
I am in LOVE with your home Sandi. I am crushin' on that chair...and the mirror (50 cents!!!!!!) and the dresser and the....
I say paint the dresser white (I think) it's so beautiful the way it is though)) How much help is that:)?
sending hugs...

Lady Pamela said...

I am a poor one to ask about painting. I would think it would have to be determined by where the buffet is to go and what is around it. We are down to one wood TV armoir and our dining room table/chairs which will get painted this summer. Sorry, not much help, dear friend. PS. I have taken the step to getting a professional decorator to help me.


LOL! My dining room table looks like that most days too (or worse). Thanks for keeping it real and showing us that. As for the paint...hmmm, I'm sure most of the gals will say "paint it". I might even be inclined to agree that it will look lovely painted. However, I can't get over the nagging feeling that once you put that white paint on a piece, you are super committed. It loves to get into every nook and cranny and crack. Removing it is a job and a half. If the piece were kind of a mess and it needed major redo to keep it it's natural color, then I'd probably go with painting it, but it seems like it is pretty nice as is. I'd probably not paint it and just get my lighter colors from the other pieces in the room (accessories, upholstered pieces, etc). That's my 2 cents worth and then some.


Miss Gracie's House said...

I have not seen this room before...you have some wonderful pieces! That buffet?! Love it!
I probably would paint it...(mine is scheduled to get paint this spring) but what's hard about yours is the sentimental aspect...will you want to keep it *forever*? And if so, how will you want it?
And the table...why does that look so familiar?
Hope you are having a great week!

Heaven's Walk said...

You have created such a cozy home, Sandi! It looks like you have the exact same trim around your windows that I have! Don'tcha love that vintage wide stuff...??? :) And your ruffly chair is to die for, girlie!

xoxo laurie

Maryann said...

Sandi I say PAINT IT!! WOOHOO!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Your home is so beautiful Sandi!
I too would paint the buffet and agree with Diane that if you want it two toned leave the top!
The fairy stuff looks so cute!!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Awesome mirror for .50 cents! I like the wood look with the all white walls, not so sure I am loving everything white myself~Cheers Kim