Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chippy WHITE Project Finally Completed!

You know those projects that start out as one thing and then along the way they
morph into something else? Yep, that is how this project came about.

Do you remember this starting out as a bench/ potting bench. {If not I have added pics
at the bottom of this post} 

It was a potting bench that hubby and I created this past summer while he was laid off and
now it is a vanity on our back porch/ laundry/mud room. The vanity we had out here was


I didn't realize how nasty it was until we took it out. ugh. NO, I didn't take before pics.
I didn't even think about it. ha!

I was laying in bed one night with my mind racing a million miles an hour {couldn't sleep
AGAIN} Does that ever happen to you?

Well, I was thinking about the brand new porcelain sink that I had picked up at the Route 127
 garage sales in August for $15 and inspiration hit! Why not make the potting bench into
a vanity. We can always make another bench right??!! was on.

So, I timidly boldly broached the subject to my hubby.

He was INSTANTLY on board!! Can you believe it??  He is always indulging my whims,
but I know he secretly thinks knows I am crazy!!

So we got started and we both
how it turned out!

I had fun filling the little pockets/shelves with lotions , Christmas decor etc. Think of the
decorating possibilities. Unlimited! 

I thought my little white twig tree was perfect for this spot.

This mirror is old with some patina and a little cloudy, but I love it.

Do you see the Merry Christmas HUGE burlap piece?

It is a huge lavender sachet that I won a few years ago. In fact I won two of them along
with a burlap bag. These exact pieces were featured in a magazine and I forgot
what magazine! HA! Romantic Homes or Country Living or something. There
was a giveaway on a blog and I won. They still smell wonderful!

We picked out the perfect faucet for the sink. Whoever sees this almost always says,

"Does the sink really work"...ha! YES, it does! 

I used an old feed-sack to hang in front of the shelves at the bottom.
{After all I had to hide the plumbing. :) }

This is another corner of my porch where the vanity is.

I would show you all of it, but there is a bag of cat food, a can of kerosene and other
 "lovlies" sitting around that doesn't really make for pretty pics.
 Keeping it real here folks.

The long tin coat hanger is made from old tin ceiling panels from a store that I remember
 going to as a child. Loudens was the name and it was in Montpelier , Ohio. Loved that store!

Okay, here is how the vanity started out. I picked this up at a garage sale this past summer for $2.00!
It was a yucky bluish gray color and had a lot of grease on the top as it was used for a work bench.
I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and got it painted white.

Then it morphed into this potting bench above and now into my vanity.

Somehow I see a new potting bench in the works next summer. SMILE.
I will have to hit those garage sales again and see what I can find to start our project!

Yep...loving my new/old vanity!

Some of these photos are out of order , but oh well.

My dear friends... always remember that


no matter what is happening in our lives
that is one thing we can be sure of...Life is a beautiful thing!



Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Life is beautiful, and, so is everything I see here.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's gorgeous, Sandi, and you've accessorized it so beautifully! I loved your potting bench, too. I think your husband secretly enjoyed making that potting bench with you and doesn't mind your ideas as much as you might think! : )

Kathy said...

How very clever! Your vanity is so beautiful. I would never have thought to put a vanity on a porch. It's like adding another room.

Irene said...

great job! I don't suppose your hubby would want another wife?

angie said...

danke für die schönen bilder!!! liebe grüße von angie

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Oh wow! I love your new/old vanity too. I love it when husbands cooperate :)

Susie said...

Sandi, That is wonderful I love it. I also really like your porch. I love the skates and the sign also. :):) Wishing you and yours a great holiday season. Isn't it going fast.? I think of you every time I look at the wing ornament you sent me. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

julie - eab designs said...

So creative! I would happily spend hours deciding what I wanted to place in each little cubby. Beautiful!

Sue Kosec said...

GOOD THINGS are worth the weight and this is really good!

Merry Christmas!

Faded Charm said...

What a wonderful idea!! Love it especially with it's festive touches♥


Lady Pamela said...

Well done, dear friend. I love how you have decorated all around it too. Such a functional space. Makes me think I should decorate my laundry room. Maybe next year.