Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bed Makeover ~

my bed
this is what it looks like today~
I want to get a large rose applique and attach it
to the headboard ~
I had this duvet on the bed for awhile, but
I took it off and just have the plain white
comforter for now ~
I have a small bedroom, but it works for me.
I no longer have the white chest in this room,
but a white wicker piece instead.
Notice the tv ?? I made a light pink
cover for it and it looks much better
than a big black thing among all my pretties.
I also put up different curtains since this picture
was taken...now they are just white gauze.
Also have a white ceiling fan
Can you tell I love white? lol ~
We purchased this bed at an antique store a few years ago
being told it was a full size. Took it home and got it all repainted within a few days. Hauled it into the bedroom only to find that it was not a full size, but a queen or king. {I guess a smart person would have checked that out before hand ...lol } So my darlin' hubby made new side rails to shorten it up and he also painted them for me. (I distressed them) I have loved it ever since ~ A shabby wooden letter holder with a fleur-de-lis. that we made for our children last year for Christmas. They loved them ~ Hubby can make most anything he sets his mind to. We came up with the design , he cut out the wood and put them together, I painted and distressed them. The kids have gotten many compliments on them. {photo taken in my son and daughter- in -laws kitchen } Have a wonderful day today! Blessings~


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Sandi... your bedroom is charming and cozy. Love the idea of the tv cover... It conceals and also keeps the dust from collecting as the are a magnet and oh so hard to keep clean... Clever girl....

stefanie said...

i love the all white, i was thinking of doing that, i need to get braver

Lisa said...

OHH! I love it! I wish I was brave enough to paint my furniture. Yours look so great! Maybe one day, I will be brave! hehehe
Hugs, Lisa

Amanda Kaake said...

I need to send you a pix of my letter holder. I put it by the door and have sparkly red berries w/leaves in the bottom two areas and white roses from our wedding w/boxwood in the top one. It's gorgeous!!!

You have the most gorgeous bedroom!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great Sandi! Our cooler weather project for fall (probably in November - lol) is to paint & distress our bedroom furniture.

Your room is lovely and looks so peaceful :)


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

I Love it, Sandi! I had white furniture as a teen and i long to have some again some day. (When we settle down. Ha-ha!) I have the bravery to paint but not the power!

Did you see the give away through Cindy's blog for the appliques? it's for a $50.00 gift certificate! ♥

blushing rose said...

Oh, Sandi, the holders are lovely. I can see why the kids love them. Your DH does beautiful work.

WHITE! I love it! & a touch of pink for pa-zazz! Beautiful.

Have a lovely warm eve. TTFN~ Marydon

June said...

I love your room Sandi. I would love to paint my bedroom furniture white too, but haven't yet. Our headboard is white but not the chests and dresser. What a transformation on your bed. It is so pretty. That mail holder that your hubby made is wonderful and I bet the kids love it!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Most people would have been thrilled that it was a queen...they're always trying to make a double into a queen. Myself? I like a double...cozier!
Anyways, it will be gorgeous with an applique' I love all of the fall things you're doing...that transferware plate for a *QUARTER*?!!! You're killing me! LOL
Have a great day!

Cynthia K. said...

Oh, I love all your white goodies ~ looks beautiful and serene. I do love those appliques too. A rose would look gorgeous on your bed.

Please accept my belated but sincere thank you for leaving your lovely comment on my new blog - and for signing up as a follower too. What an encouragement for me. I've had such a hard time getting up the nerve to write posts. And I don't have a digital camera so...(another excuse, I guess.) I did write my 2nd entry today. Yah!

Bless you, Cynthia K.

P.S. I have been a follower of your blog for a while now. Always one of my favorites.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Sandi~That looks so sweet and quite cozy. I could snuggle up and read right there.