Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Goodness ~

Just a few random shots for you today...
I purchased this transfer ware bowl for 25 cents
at a garage sale a few years ago~
Isn't it perfect for fall ~
I picked a few more hydrangeas from my bush
a couple days ago and put them in this
hanging basket~
A display under my cloche~
Notice the bug on the screen...
I didn't see him until I was editing pictures~
My sweet adorable little Minnie Mouse~
Her mommy brought her this headband from
Disney World in Florida~ I didn't notice until after the pix were taken that
we have it on backwards. Oh well...still a a cutie pie~ Have a wonderful day~


Deanna Joy said...

Beautiful as always, Sandi! Do you know where I can get some of the white mini-pumpkins around here for cheap? I remembered a back road where Mom used to ("drag" Dad...LOL) pick up osage oranges/hedge apples. At first, Cody sat in the car mumbling about how dorky I was...before I knew it, he was out of the car chopping through branches from a fallen tree and dodging the sharp thorns to reach more of them. LOL! We were only there a few minutes, but it was a nice moment to share with him and reminisce. :-) I plan to put some in pretty bowls and/or wire baskets with "blingy" beaded spiders I'm making.



Anonymous said...

Love all the photos but especially the last 2!!! What a sweetheart!!
Have a Great Day!!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow, you got that bowl for .25! I'm jealous. Minnie is a cutie. Have a great day.

Alice W. said...

Gorgeous Sandi! That transfer bowl is stunning and I love it filled with the old thread balls...

Minnie Mouse is adorable too ;)

whimsy said...

Sandi, I love looking at your beautiful finds. You display everything so wonderful. Don't you just love the cloches? Come visit my blog I am just getting started. I have been in the antique business for 11 years and have a booth in Monroe GA. my blog:

junkdreams said...

Gorgeous photos Sandi. I love your little Minnie Mouse too!!
Happy day.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Oh your hydrangeas are so beautiful. I want one in all of your pink and green colors-they are so beautiful-one of my very favorite flowers.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Hello, Minnie Mouse!
a lovey post! so soothing! I love your arrangements!