Friday, October 23, 2009

What if ....

By nature, I tend to be a worry wart , but God has been
helping me lately to put things in His hands and not worry
so much about things that I can't control anyways.
I thought I was doing pretty good until last night
when a family situation arose that I can't even
begin to control. I had a good cry fest and
got up to this devotion in my email today.
Just what I needed ~

"Jesus calls us to a way of living that gives no thought for
tomorrow and puts our future wholly into His hands.
He tells us,
not to be be anxious or troubled about tomorrow.
When you think about it, most of our anxieties are
about what might happen tomorrow.
We're constantly harrassed by two little words: What if ?
What if the economy fails and I lose my job?
How will I pay the mortgage?
How will my family be able to survive?
And what if I lose my health insurance?
If I get sick or have to be hospitalized
we will be ruined. Or,
What if my faith fails me in trying times?
We all have a thousand "What if "anxieties.

God tells us not to worry about these what if's and
that He will take care of us no matter what happens.
{and I love this next part}
We gladly give all our yesterdays to the Lord,
turning over past sins. We trust Him for forgiveness
of all our past failures, doubts, and fears.
So, why don't we do the same with
our tomorrows.



Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I hope the situation with your family is going to be ok Sandi. How nice to receive the email just when you needed it. And see how God works. I needed to be reminded today too. Thank you for the reminder.

Robin said...

Thanks for this wonderful post....from another perpetual worrier!


Hi Sandi,
I love what you did with the silverware...and I'm a believer that God always provides...hubby sell's real estate and we all KNOW how bad that is...
Happy weekend.
Deb :)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

All things work out... Just not the way we would like them too sometimes... Best wishes sent to you.....

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Sandi, I am the same way as you!I have struggled for years with anxiety. This post is beautiful and what you wrote really hit home to me! Thank you so much for always being so inspiring, I just adore your blog so much!

Nita Jo said...

That was perfect for me. I've had a rough week, and it's nice to read an uplifting devotional like that! I hope your situation turns around quickly, or at least you are given a huge measure of strength to bear it. My concerns have already begun to turn around. Sometimes it just takes that bit of faith and some patience. Bless you today!
Nita Jo

~~Carol~~ said...

So true, Sandi! The "what ifs" can drive you crazy! I'm guilty of that alot of the time, but I'm really trying to get better, to put it in His hands. I hope the family situation you're dealing with is resolved quickly.
Take care, and have a great weekend,

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Thank you, Sandi! What's weird is that I've never struggled with worry or fear until the last couple years. Some of my older girl friends say it's a sign of "the change". Whatever it is- I don't YIKE it! The Lord will continue to help us both- help us all! ♥

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Sandi,
You are so right. We do we spend so much time wondering "what if"? I try to be present in the moment but find myself drifting off. Thank you for this post. I will keep you in my thoughts, I'm sorry to hear about your unexpected news. Here if you want to chat too.

June said...

Hi Sandi,
Sometimes it is so hard to do this, but it is always wonderful to hand the wheel over to the Lord.

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Oh that is so true about giving JEsus our yesterdays so why not our tomorrows! Such a good reminder. We never are in control even when I think I am in control- isn't it amazing how that old nature tries to sneak in! I love the we are new creations and the life We live we live by faith in the Son of God!!

We received about 10 inches of snow!! 1/2 of that is on the ground still. It does make for pretty but it is so cold!!


Wizard of Was said...

Sandi, Wonderful post and reminder for so many of us! I seem to always be worrying and then I worry about what I worry about...Crazy. Your thoughts and words are much appreciated!
My Very Best

Mary said...

Sandi, I don't know your family situation, but I know I've several that took me to the bedroom in tears. Your words today are so needed, not only because of our families, but our nation and our future are cause for concern...yet, we are finding that there isn't much anyone can do...but God can. I love your last lines, that we do turn our past over to Him, knowing that He forgives, yet we will hold on to our futures as if we could control them. The only control we have is of ourselves, in our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes...what we need is to humble ourselves before God, ask for mercy and peace, and walk very close to Him, keeping our focus on His holiness...He is our only constant...never changing. I just loved this post...I needed it very much.

God bless,