Saturday, May 22, 2010

April Showers...

in May...
and boy did we get them yesterday.
Torrents of rain!!
I was in my father's hospital room watching
it pour down.
{by the way he is doing so much better
thank you so much for your prayers!}
He is on the fourth floor and it
really was a beautiful sight looking over the
city at night from high above...but the rain!
In our area we got around 3 inches and we
almost needed a boat to get home!!
We turned down our road and there
were four places where it was flooded over
the road in the 3/4 mile from the main road to
our house. We have never seen that in the
28 years that we have lived here.
Sharing a chuckle for the day:
Whether the weather be fair,
whether the weather be hot,
we'll weather the weather
whatever the weather,
whether we like it or not!



Anonymous said...

So-o-o-o glad to hear you Dad is doing better!

Rain...Rain...go away.
Come again another day!!

Have a Wonderful Weeekend!

thesimpledaze said...

Wow that is alot of rain.We have had rain here for 6 days and finally today the sun has come out the sky is blue and there are no clouds in sight hooorrray!! Cute little poem lots of truth in it huh.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Sending dry and cozy thoughts your way!

Michelle Palmer said...

All the rain in May is messing up the April showers rhyme :)
To top it off... flowers that typically bloom in June are almost finished! Silly, weather~ perfect poem~
Glad your dad is doing better!
Best wishes,

aimee said...

what a difference in your weather and mine. i was working yesterday in the school gardens and got a sun burn! light that fire :)

Marydon Ford said...

You are so funny, sweet friend. I was going to say before I read your write ... ummm, Sandi, it's MAY!!!

And, I say ... clouds part for a sunny day, Sandi wants to go out & play.

Glad that Dad is doing much better. It is so scary for sure.

Hugs of love, Marydon