Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stressed by reality!

Yesterday started out to be a good day ,
went up to my booth and feathered and fluffed...
and fluffed some more.
Stopped at a couple antique stores on the way home,
not a care in the world ...
I got home and opened the mail.

In it was an overdraft notice from my bank and
I have not been overdrawn in many ,many YEARS!


It seems that my new health insurance company took out
several hundred dollars
and they were not supposed to take out anything.
I have been mailing in our payments.
So I had to make *the phone call*.

I told the nice gentleman on the phone what had
happened and I also told him I never even enrolled for
the automatic payment because we send our
payments in the mail.

{something hinky going on here}

SO he kindly "dis-enrolled" me.
HOW can he dis-enrollme when I never enrolled??
At any rate, he said it was
definitely their mistake ...imagine that! I wish I had
gotten that on tape because from previous experience
these things never end that easily.

He assured me that this would not happen again
because after all I am now dis-enrolled.

"Can you please put that money back in my bank account?"

"Oh no ma'am , we can't do that!"

They can yank it out in a matter of seconds, but
for some reason they can't get it back in there.
Refund check supposedly coming in the mail.
"So are you going to pay the $25 overdraft fee too?"

He kindly told me to submit my bank statement
showing the transaction and they will pay it.
Wow...I was shocked. I really expected him to say
*we can't do that*

Now I just hope and pray that it all ends this easily...

{thank God we had it in savings to transfer over,
but it was not a fun thing to come home to}

Hope you have a wonderful day. We are supposed to get storms here again! UGH!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sandi...Nothing makes me crazier than someone who is paid to do a job & doesn't do it right!! ...and insurance companies?? Well, I rank them right along with "loan sharks" & "The Mob"!!
Hope all works out.....

Shabby Kim said...

Oh Lord Sandi. I can definately see why you are stressed. The thought of anything like that ever happening to me is terrifying. I pray that you get all of your money back quickly and that they keep thier word and pay your overdraft fee as well. Hope the rest of your week goes much better than yesterday did. Take care!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my Sandi.... Enjoy your day with your mom... It just poured here today so far....

Crystal said...

I know the feeling!! The electric company did the same thing to me at Christmas time none the less!!! Good luck!

A Cottage Muse said...

I hate those bumps in the road, especially when it happens when you are having a good day!!! Let's hope they mail the check in a timely manner. Did you get anything good when stopped at the shops!?

Nita Jo said...

Oh no! I hate when those things happen. And, why is it so easy to take our money, yet so hard to give it back. Who's earning interest on our money? Legal scamming...

I'm glad they treated you fairly... well, at least they're planning to. Hope the rest of your day is stress free!

aimee said...

ive gone over my account funds but that was just out of bad math :) i was charged the over draft fee and was so mad cause i didnt authorize over draft protection. i paid $25 for going over 1.00! i would have rather it was declined. when time came i opted out of over draft protection. its my seperate account for food and fun. my husband has the seriouse account :)


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Sandi!

Ugh, banks and insurance companies are evil. And greedy, but mostly evil.

Thank you so much for entering my book giveaway, good luck!

All the best,

vicki said...

oh I just hate that kind of day - what a ruin of a good day. has been my fate in the past on rare occasion as well - worst part - having to tell the husband!