Monday, May 3, 2010


Isn't this the most precious picture ever?

I snapped it when Keira was up visiting
cousin Annika this past weekend. Keira and Annika
have so much fun playing together.

Keira came up with her daddy {our oldest son}
on Friday and she cried when she had
to leave on Sunday and go back home.
I hope they have lots of special
*cousin moments* in the future
and that they stay best of friends.

Speaking of cousins...
this is an oldie.
From left to right:
My cousin Dean , my sister Chris,
my baby brother Jeffrey, yours truly and
my cousin Dale.
We spent a lot of time together when we
were growing up and it was the best of times.

Isn't this a neat picture?
My grandmother (who is no longer with us)
made all of us cousins these nightgowns one year
for Christmas. What priceless memories!
That is me in the front row way off to the right.
What cuties we were!! Wish I still had that

I sure miss my grandmother. She was a
wonderful Godly woman who would do anything
for anyone and I loved her so much.
She was an amazing baker and was known
far and wide for the most
delicious maple frosted cinnamon rolls ever!

Sweet memories...



LDH said...

I love posts like this ~ so full of the love of family and good times together!

A joy visiting and seeing these precious photos!
Kindly, ldh

A Cottage Muse said...

Can you imagine how cute your little ones would look in that nightgown!! Great memories, thank you for sharing!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Precious beyond description....all these images just made me want to cry...remembering when my three girls and I lived with MYU PARENTS...after my divorce...and my brother and his wife and three girls (all cousins) ...were living there too..( to save money for their own house ) that lasted almost two years...the girls ages NOW...54 down to about these times together still today with laughter and fond memories.
They loved it...!
The little blonde girl in the top image...looks so much like my daughter Dawn..whom we lost in 1977....I have so many GOOD mnemories of uplifts me to see little girls who look like she did back then, but still all the same ...surprises me when I do.

Sorry, did not mean to ramble.


Irene said...

Love your cousins post, we spent a lot of time with our cousin, as did my kids, hope they stay close as they grow older.

Passionate for White said...

Families are the best and it's so great that you have these wonderful photos to remember those who are most precious to you.

June said...

Sandi every picture made me smile. I think that the cousin relationship is a precious relationship. I have some awesome cousins and it looks like you do too!

Cabin and Cottage said...

Darling, darling pictures! What a wonderful Gram you had. Enjoyed you post. Jacqueline

T's Daily Treasures said...

Such wonderful photos. I love how you did the recent one in black and white of little Keira and Annika. I was very close to my dad's side of the family growing up. But after my Mammaw died, and my parents divorced, everyone just seemed to drift apart. I only have contact with my dad's side of the family if I make the call. And my dad who remarried doesn't even speak to me anymore. Oh well! C'est la vie. Sometimes the memories are more precious than the present. :) Have a terrific Tuesdy! Tammy

vicki said...

These pictures are priceless. Love them all. That nightgown picture brings back some memories for me in a similar situation. You are blessed to have your family affections.