Thursday, October 21, 2010

FOUND: new fun items to create with {& sources}

I just can't believe that I finally got a post up today.
I was about ready to give up...really I was.
First two times I tried, blogger uploaded my five
photos at least six times on one post.
That is 30 pictures. So I had to go through and delete,
delete, delete. Didn't think you wanted to see each
photo six times! lol
Then the whole page got messed up and after TWO
attempts I gave up and just brought up another page and
started over. Success! yay!

I know I am way behind on this since most of you
probably already do this, but I had so much fun today
making crinkled seam binding ribbon!
love, love , love it!

You can get the tutorial here {from Lori at
Katies Rose Cottage} if you haven't already.
Like I said she has had this out for some time
so you are probably way ahead of me...but
just in case you aren' have to check it out!
I did everything like she does except I put mine in
the oven instead of out in the sun.
{not much sun here in Michigan today}
After it got partially dry, I took the rubber bands
off and just left it loose on the pan and continued
drying it in the oven. Every little bit I would take
it out and check it and scrunch it up more and turn it
over. Love the results!
I will definitely be using this a lot!

My next fun item is my new fringe scissors.
You could be way ahead of me on these too. lol.
I had heard of these, but didn't have any until a couple
weeks ago. Oprah had Martha Stewart on her show one day
and at the
end of the show they said the viewers could go to Oprah's website and print out a coupon to Michaels
for anything MARTHA for 50% off. You better believe I took advantage of that.
Stopped by on the way home from my daughter's that
weekend and this was the last pair of these scissors they
had. SCORE!
{the coupon made them 6.50 instead
of $13}

I haven't used them much yet, but have great
plans when I start my Christmas goodies for the
booth. Now to see if it actually happens.

I just grabbed this and made a few cuts to show you
what they do. I know it isn't perfect at the top where I
made the cuts, but you get the idea.

Found this little cutie applique in the bag of lace that
I purchased at the garage sale last week.

Oh yes , one more thing. IF you don't already know where to get
a bulk supply of seam binding ribbon then here is where I get mine,
OR you can also get it here. They are from the same company,
but one is their store and one is on ebay. Jeff (the owner)
has always been great to work with. I have purchased it off
of both sites and he always combines shipping for me. Last I knew he could ship four or five for the minimum shipping.
Great go to source to have on hand!

Happy Thursday get busy and start creating! :) Blessings~


Georgia said...

bargain! got to love when that happens


Victoria said...

The ribbon is beautiful, I always wondered how that look was achieved!

Doni said...

Hi Sandi! Well, I'm in love with your blog! From your photos to your ribbon to the ideas and the sale finds, I'm hooked! LOVE IT!
The ribbon is sooooo pretty! Did you color the pink ribbon or did you use pink to start out with? I am giving that a try just as soon as possible! By the way, I'm having a giveaway you might be interested in! Come on by and have a look if you haven't already!!
blessings, Doni

Lady Farmer said...

Oh, I am SO not with it! Here I have been ironing my old seam binding to get the wrinkles out!

Kim said...

Love what you've done with the seam binding Sandi. I might have to try that myself. I chuckled when I saw that you just bought the Martha Stewart fringe scissors. I saw that same episode of Oprah and right away printed off multiple copies of the coupons as soon as I could. I used one to buy the same pair of scissors, another to by the circle cutter they showed and another to buy a paper cutter. Lucky me where I live, there are 2 Michael's stores within ten minutes of my house in different directions so I used my coupons on different days at each of the stores. Now I'm finally starting to get crafty with my tag making so they should all come in handy :)

QueenBe said...

Thanks for the info on seam binding and where to get it. I've developed a love for it myself lately!

Donna said...

Blogger editor and I have parted ways, and it wasn't pleasant. I use Windows Live Writer and love it! I never have to cuss again like a sailor when I prepare a blog post, LOL.

vicki said...

Beautiful ribbons dear friend - you are a crafting genuis. Love, love, the wrinkles!


Donna said...

Oooh! I adore crinkled seam binding! It has become one fo my latest obsessions! I've not tried making it myself, though, so you are not behind in the least! :) Thanks for the source for the binding, and I checked out the tutorial, too. Thanks so much for sharing!

A Cottage Muse said...

Thanks for reminding me of this tutorial!!! I have been locked away in Santa's workshop, this will be a big help!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Long time no see, girlie!

NOT having Internet is so SAD! well, I'm way behind because i didn't even know you could 'make" the seam binding look old! Ha! I just thought all the girls had the old stuff! thanks for the links! ♥