Friday, October 22, 2010

Somehow I forgot to show you!

I was going through my files of photos when I ran across
a few things that I scooped up this summer and somehow
they never made it onto my blog.

I was aghast! How could that be?
I am here to correct that today. lol.
Now these aren't the greatest pictures, but
you will at least get to see my lovelies.

Love this birdcage on a stand that I found later this
past summer.

Then remember this post??
I rescued this old pink table from *the barn*.
I gave her a good sanding and intended to paint
her white, but haven't gotten that done yet.
love her!

Look at the wonderful detail on the legs
and skirt around the top of the table.

All cleaned up...
Before cleaning...yes she was very dirty! :)

...and again how can we forget this post?
I also purchased this antique baby crib/buggy
for $5.00!!!!! Can you believe that price?? amazing what a person can find for not
many greenbacks.

*this is what the previous post said about this goody*

I did get another neat display item for $5.00 too that I was just as shocked about, but will share that after a coat of white paint. It has four wheels...and is so darn cute!

I realized today that I had never shown it to you
nor did I get it painted white...
what do you think??
worth the $5 I paid??

Happy Friday and wonderful weekend ahead! Blessings~


Unknown said...

AMAZING items Sandi and fabulous prices, wow!!! You know I love the birdcage!! :)

Hugs ~


Julie Marie said...

Wonderful treasures Sandi! I especially love the birdcage... xoxo Julie Marie

Lady Farmer said...

So glad you showed us, Sandi! Those are amazing finds and I would love to have each one of them! Be sure to show us when you get them painted ~ they will be stunning!

Alicia said...

Love your cute things. I especially loved the crib. My friend let me use the one she slept in as a baby when I needed a bed for my new baby and the older baby was still using our crib. Thank you for the walk down memory lane from 28 years ago ;-)
~Have a Lovely Day,

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

The little crib on wheels is just darling. Great pinkl table! ~judy~

Irene said...

Where on earth do you keep all your treasures?

Donna Reyne' said...

Hi Sandi!
These are wonderful!
I can't believe the bargains!
That Crib! Oh my...I am now thinkin'I need one!
Have a wonderful weekend

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Wonderful finds! I really loved the wheeled crib and what a great deal it was!