Monday, October 4, 2010

Taking you along...

with me to Memories Antique Mall/Garden Art Emporium
in Michigan while visiting my daughter this past weekend.

I think I will always love a touch of pink
somewhere in my home.

Love these jars with the pale roses.

This table was only $36.

cute vintage lampshade
This was a neat space and I loved many of
the items.

This booth had a lot of great bottles.

I always love finding* new to me* antique places and this was no exception. I will definitely be
making a stop here each time I visit my daughter. Happy Monday! Blessings~


QueenBe said...

Well noww you've done it. I think a trip there is in order. I know that one booth well, it is my favorite there and I have been a good customer lately! Great pictures Sandi..... thanks for the inspiration.

Piney Rose said...

Now I'm itching to go antiqueing! I love that pretty lampshade!!

stefanie said...

oh, I love the cabinet with the chippy pink door!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

That place looks fabulous! I love the cabinet with the pink window! Wait til you see my post tomorrow, you might recognize something!!

Petite Michelle Louise said... can "take me along" anytime! that place is magnifique! Lucky you! :)

Ellen said...

"Oh me gosh"! I just love, love, and so love the tour 'n stuff! Kinda fond of the window cabinet and Ball jars with flowers. Yummy!
Thanks for taking us along, you always have the best trips!