Monday, July 11, 2011

Amazing French Flea Market in Tipton, Indiana!

I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Indiana this
past weekend. We stayed at my cousin's b and b on
Thursday evening and then headed to Tipton, Indiana
to the French Flea Market that my bloggy friend
Donna of Everyday Elegance puts on. This is the third
year and my first time. I just want to say that I LOVED IT!

There were people everywhere, but I did manage
to get a few photos. These first few photos are from
Rebecca's booth. So many amazing pretties for
the eyes to feast on!

love how these spools are displayed

and the doors...just beautiful!!

Obviously I did not get a good shot of the whole booth. I tend to get snippets most of the time. lol.

such pretty aprons

I don't have the name of this booth, but she made many items out of book pages. I wish I had gotten a photo of the little birds she made. They were amazing!

I was fortunate enought to meet and talk to Nicki of The Vintage Farmhouse and her booth
was so cute! I did purchase an item here and will
be showing my goodies another day.

Isn't this so cute?

This photo is not the best , but I loved
the candles wrapped with printed script
tissue paper.

DONNA's booth!!!
If you have never met her then you are
in for a treat!! First time I have met her in person
and I love her to pieces!

Love what she did with the paint cans.
She has more energy in her big toe than
I have in my whole body! She has to have
to be able to pull off such a stunning market!

A lot of her items were sold already and we were
there before noon, but I did manage to get my
hands on one of her ruffled linen bags!

On top of her booth were paint cans that she decorated.
SO SO cute!

I just have to tell you this. When I first got there I found
Donna's booth and wanted to introduce myself to her.
I found her and said,
"are you Donna" and she said "yes"...
I then said, "I am Sandi from Way.....that is as far
as I got. She yelled and then grabbed me and gave
me the biggest hug ever.
She said I jumped when she yelled. It was too funny.
What you don't know is that I had emailed her and told
her that we might not be able to make it down and
then I had sent her another message later and said
we were coming after all , but she had not had time to
check her email so she didn't think I was coming.
YAY!! I love surprises!
Can I just say that she is sooo fun and so kind!!

This booth is by Jackie of Shamboro Studios and
it was amazing! I loved all her things and her talent
for displaying items beautifully!

gorgeous pillows!

This was outside the entrance to the flea. So wish you
all could have joined me. It was such a fun day!

If you want to indulge me I have a hubby story.
My husband wandered off by
himself and when I found him a bit later he was
holding a drink in his hand and making a face.
I asked him what the problem was and he told me
that he thought he was getting a lemonade slush
and he ended up with lavender lemonade instead!
SO funny! I LOVE lavender lemonade, but him
not so he gave it to me. HA!

I will have at least two more posts about the flea
so stay tuned and make sure you visit the other
blogs for more posts from Tipton, Indiana.

We just got a deluge of rain which we needed badly

but now I hear a storm is coming. Gotta disconnect
the computer so it doesn't get struck with lightening.
Oh the joys of dial up internet...



Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh what a wonderful day this must have been. To have Paris so close. A dream come true.
Gorgeous photos.
Hugs Lynn

Ido said...

Oh my gosh! so many treasures, can't wait till you show what you bought! Thank you for showing us a little piece of Hortons.

Lady Pamela said...

What a summer you have had, my friend. May your blessings never end.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sandi!
You lucky girl!!!!!!
That place looks like a little slice of heaven to me!!
Thanks for sharing...I want to see more!

Carole said...

Oh lucky you for attending. I agree Donna does have a lot of least thats what I've heard but i do know how kind she is. Love the story of the two of you meeting for the first time. Too cute.


Rebecca said...

Sandi, I just want to say what a blessing it was to meet you and thank you so much for everything. You are such a sweetheart for remembering me.
I hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed yourself.
It was sooo hot but I had sooo much fun
Many Blessings

Rebecca said...

PS Your pictures are wonderful... thank you for including me!

Irene said...

I love it. The book designs look awesome.

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, wow, what a wonderful place!... I wish I was there with you too... love everything... I am so drawn to those beautiful aprons!... and I can't wait to see your ruffled bag and everything else you bought... you find the best places, and how cool is that, your friend recognized your blog... who wouldn't, it is fabulous!... xoxo Julie Marie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sandi, I haven't been over here in some time ... this is about the 5th post I've seen on the flea market which was obviously a huge success. So fun to meet blogging buddies up close and personal. Hope the storm has cleared. Best wishes, Tammy