Monday, July 25, 2011

She finally has a name!

Just a quick post today to let you know that our
little furball finally has a name! This is the same photo I used before because she is a little skittish and it is hard
to get photos of her that aren't a blur, but she is adapting
to us more each day. She will actually come out from
hiding and run around the deck and flowers now so I
guess she is making progress. :)

We had over 30 names submitted and I narrowed it down
to Bella, Chloe and Gypsy. I loved them all , but when
it came right down to it, I knew she had to be called
because she was found a *travelin'*. lol. Thank you all
for helping me out and I will be sending a little
something to Julie Marie for submitting this name.
Happy Monday!!


Pattie said...

Super cute name I think it fits her well...


Sweet Old Vintage said...

The name is PURRRfect...

**Anne** said...

Gypsy is a fantastic name for this little kitty.
Anne xx

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh Sandi, thank you so much for using the name Gypsy that I suggested!... I think it fits her purrfectly too!... She is just a doll and I love her already!... what a good home she will have with lots of love and attention... and so much happiness she will bring you!... it is not necessary to send me anything, but you are so sweet, I know you will anyway... everything you do is so beautiful, so I will gratefully accept it!... love to you and Gypsy!... Kitty kisses... xoxo Julie Marie

Francy (So Beautiful Things) said...

It's so lovely!
Also the name!
Bye Bye by Francy

Irene said...


mo said...

She is adorabe. What a wonderful name for this little furball.



Amanda Kaake said...

Aw, she's so pretty! She reminds me of blacky. :(

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

She is beautiful! {I am partial to black cats}
Let me know if you learn the secret to take a decent picture of all black cats! {not easy}

Smiles, Miss Dolly