Saturday, July 16, 2011

Call me crazy, but I decided to play house!

I was thinking last night that even though it is july
already that I need to get my wicker out of the potting
{This wicker hasn't seen the light of day for two or three
years because it is so ragged} I went to some sidewalk sales yesterday and saw wicker
chairs in even worse shape than mine being used to
display plants. lightbulb moment...yes I know...I am slow!!
So this morning I cleaned out my potting shed and
wondered why in the world all my goodies were
inside and not out for the world to see so
I started playing house!

I started like this.
{can you believe that I just planted these impatiens
today?? Like I said...slow!! }
The shutters were in my booth with shelves
attached and I wanted to use them so I schlepped
them outside also. {minus the shelves}

Then I thought why not bring out my vintage
plant stand and plant some more flowers
so I did! {got the roll of wire fencing at the goodwill
some time ago}

Lovin' my plant stand out here

What you can't see is that this table is so beat up that it sinks in the middle. I have two stones underneath the pot on one side to make it level. :) {a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?}

I have a few garden pieces by Carruth...are you familiar with his work? His studio is in Ohio and I have even had a few pieces signed.

The wire fencing just looks great with the stand. lol.

Stood back and looked and took a few photos and
then I realized I needed to add some lace. Went in
the house to dig around and found some old

While I was digging around I found these two white
lanterns (minus bulbs) and thought "why not". So they were added too. I know technically there should
be three lanterns, but this is what I have.

Definitely not perfect, but I sure had fun playing
today and it is very hot and sticky out!

I am sure I will wonder why in the world I did this
when it comes time to mow again or a huge storm
decides to roll in, but there really
isn't so much that I can't just move it right??.

I purchased my *welcome to my garden* vintage
screen sign when visiting my sister in PA several years
ago. I have used it so much that the paint was really
getting hard to see so I painted over the letters again...
yea not as neat as it was anymore, but oh well.

My little slice of heaven...and I just noticed these were
taken before I added the lace and lanterns. I do everything
I love my little shed. She still needs a lot of work.
Only one inside wall is finished and the others still have
the studs, but that is *okay*. Until we get the funds
and time to finish it, I will survive and it may not
be for several years. Hubby also wants to reside
it in vintage looking siding and shaker style
roof or something like that, but we really should
concentrate on our real house first. ha!

What did you do today?? Did you play house too? I would love to know.

I am throwing in a few photos of my bicycle too.

a favorite sign

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you
decide to do!

Oh wait...I have a question. Should the wicker loveseat
be centered in front of the shutters or left like it is? I have tried it both ways and just don't know. :)



Debra@CommonGround said...

oh Sandi, it's so cute, it was worth the wait! Just a darling spot! I want the bike AND the shed! Have fun! xoxo Debra

Lady Farmer said...

Sandi~ I would love to come play house with you! Or better yet, have you come play at my house and help my make lovely vignettes here! :~D But then I don't have any cute/fun things to work with so I guess it's back to your house!
What a sweet shed! Oh, the hours of fun you must have there!

Hanne Valkoinenleinikki-blogi said...

Your garden is so beautiful, I like it.
It`s nice that you play house outside:)
What a wonderful bike!

Unknown said...

Sandi, your garden looks cute.. I could sit there and just day dream....I love the shed and the bike...


Amy Kinser said...

I think you played house beautifully! It all looks just magical!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, I just LOVE your little spot! You put everything together so beautifully!... I would leave your loveseat just the way it is... centered would look "too" perfect... of course I really love your Nature sign and your garden sign... and your bicycle... well, why don't I just tell you I love it all!!!... as for me, today I am doing nothing... it is sooo hot here, making me and Tessy tired!... xoxo Julie Marie

Irene said...

I love it! I'm so glad you took the time to play today. I didn't really, I finally finished the floor in my son's room, what a lot of work. Washed his window and cleaned walls, and somewhat organized the stuff that has to go back. Have you ever used chalk paint. I've been reading a few blogs and they talk about it all over the place. I still have not gotten a lead on someone who sells it here in Canada. I'd love to do my big cabinet (that I store my scrapping stuff)

June said...

Can I come over and play house with you...can I...can I?????? This looks like so much fun Sandi. I love it all!!!! An outdoor room in the yard. You make the lemonade and I'll bring the cookies, ok?
sending hugs from here...

Anonymous said...

Who says we can't play house when we're big! I love every little detail!!!



marie said...

Oh my ~ it's definitely "a little slice of heaven". It's all so beautiful!

Unknown said...

what a beautiful outdoor space you've created sandi. so sweet and romantic. i would leave the shutters "off center."

also, merci for your kind words about my studio. :)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Sandi I love it!!
So wish I could come sit a spell with you and relax!
So happy you decided to play!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Just beautiful, Sandi! What a pretty shed you have and your wicker furniture is wonderful. The lanterns are great decoration elements and now I want a white painted bike :-). This is so cute!