Sunday, July 24, 2011


My heart weeps for those in Norway who have lost
loved ones this past week and for those who faith
has been rocked to it’s very core. I pray for them
daily that God will give them strength to get through
this horrible tragedy. I can’t even imagine what
they are going through and for it to be perpetrated
upon young people is just so unthinkable. I pray
that God comforts their breaking hearts and helps
each one of them as they start on the journey
towards healing their families and their nation.

...and although this pales in comparison...
I also think about our people in political offices
in Washington who can’t seem to get along and
make a decision. We are most
definitely living in uncertain times and I
often wonder just what will happen next.

But amidst all the uncertainty in this world
this I do know:

1. God is still in control

2. He loves us more than we can
ever imagine.

3. He will take care of us no matter
what lies ahead.



Unknown said...

AMEN! Sweet sister! Beautifully shared ...
Love you ~

Julie Marie said...

Praying along with you Sandi... xoxo Julie Marie

Lisa said...

I so agree! Thanks for posting this.
Hugs, Lisa

Irene said...


Seawashed said...

thank you for sharing...I did not even know what happened because I only pay attention to the news about every 10's just too depressing. I try to keep my thoughts on that which is lovely, good, pure...

I will be praying. ox

Anonymous said...

A terrible makes me so very sad.