Monday, July 2, 2012

Fairy Party ...part two

 If you would have stopped by our house last Saturday between 10 and 2 ish you would have seen a 
fairy party in full swing.  As I told you previously , it was a huge success and I loved every minute of
of it including decorating the tent for the wee ones.  We partook of dainty fairy treats that were mostly
 in pink colors and they were delish. :)

I used a vintage table to hold the goodies, plates, cups and napkins.

{I will admit some of these pictures were taken the night before when I decorated
 and some were taken the day of the party so you may see a few minor variations.}

I used my tall goblets to hold some of the treats and vintage ironstone dishes for the rest. I 
found tiny clothespin chalkboards on Groopdealz and they were just perfect. We partook of 
fairy wafers, fairy bites, fairy pearls and pixie sticks along with pink sugar wafer cookies, 
coconut cookies and pink lemonade cake balls. We also drank Fairy Fizz, but somehow
 that didn't make the photos. 

This little fairy just wouldn't leave the sweets alone.  Every little bit we would see her
standing at the table and pointing at the goodies.  Too funny!

Paper pom poms and lanterns to help pretty up the roof of the tent.

The garland hanging in the back opening is so pretty. It is sparkly silver and white medallions
 strung on thin white ribbon. It comes all in one 20 foot long garland, but you can cut it apart
 to hang it exactly the way you want to. It just shimmered in the beautiful sunlight.
{by Martha Stewart and purchased at JoAnn Fabric}

{another plus was that I got it on clearance when I visited my sister in PA in March.
It was only 2.97 instead of 12.99!}

The round table at the back held the Fairy Fizz and it also had a white tablecloth
on it, but for some strange reason it is not in the photo. ha!

The Fairy  Party banner that I made from different scrapbook papers, tulle and glittery
silver letters. This photo doesn't show the details, but I thought it turned out great.

We took a large mirror outside and leaned it against a tree. After all little fairies
have to put on lip gloss, fingernail polish etc. and they have to see how it

I didn't really get great photos of the inside of the tent. The pom poms and lanterns
should have been staggered better, but that's okay. They loved it! On the easel
{which I used to fill up space} is a fairy saying, 
"The rustle of the wind reminds us a fairy is near".
 I also attached their pink butterfly wands to it.

This sweet little fairy is unhappy in this photo, but other than this moment she was a
happy little fairy and had a great time. If I remember correctly her daddy had came
outside per my request so he could check out the party and she didn't want him to
go back inside. She was crying "da da" I gave her a cookie and she was just fine. ha!

All my sweeties sitting at the table coloring their wood plaques and just having a wonderful time!
I think I can wrap this up with one more post. I do hope you are not getting tired of fairy party
 photos. It is hard for me to decide what ones to pick and I took over 500 so they have really 
been pared down a lot. :)

You have to be sure and read my next post because the kids had a wonderful surprise as soon 
as the party was over that just made it end perfectly!!! The timing of it was spot on and we still
 can't believe it . ..wondering if there really was a fairy out there flying overhead and watching.

Also , if you did not see my first fairy post be sure and scroll down to check it out.

Happy day everyone...celebrate life!!


Lady Pamela said...

Happy Fairy Party to all your little Fairies.
Happy 4th to you, in case I miss it. Canada just celebrated our 125th birthday yesterday, July 1st!
Hugs to you, too.

Irene said...

How did you manage to take so many pictures while serving up this delectable tea party. Oh I know fairy magic.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

This little fairy party couldn't have been cuter. You thought of everything--it is adorable! What memories!

Elyse said...


i want a fairy party!

magical, sandi. simply magical! what lucky little fairies!


julie - eab designs said...

Love all of the charming details Sandi. I would be at that little treat table too right along with your littlest fairy. They are just too cute!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Loooove it all, but I especially love the poms and lanterns.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Oh Sandi, looks like you all had the loveliest time! Your decorations are gorgeous (you and I do like paper lanterns) and WOW - those pom poms are spectacular! The fairies are just adorable and looks as though they enjoyed the party. What a loving grandma you are!

Chris said...

Hi there Beautiful party! I'm thinking of a theme for my twins second birthday and this might be it! I was scrolling through pinterest and a picture caught my eye lol! So the fairy costumes for the rest of the guests, were they the party favors or did you let them all know to wear fairy attire...? Thanks!