Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Online Garage Sale...items added daily!

It is way past time to weed out some of my treasures and pass them along to someone else
to enjoy so I am having an online garage sale. You can purchase these for the price listed plus
shipping charges.

 I am asking for a check or money order for
payment. You can email me at :


with any questions you might have. I am removing items as they sell so you don't get

I charge actually shipping charges to rest assured I am not trying to make money on
shipping. Thank you and have fun looking!

We are starting this sale off with a vintage rusty/crusty clock that is just perfect for display. I have several of
these used in my home for just that purpose.

Next, we have a vintage baby ben alarm clock for your viewing pleasure. :)

This is a small canvas also from Peacock Park. It still has the shrink wrap on most of it . {some missing
from the back} It is brand new also.

I used to collect these vintage candy boxes and I just love the graphics on them.

Another cute vintage candy box.

For the shoe lover in your life...

Silver glitter keys...we all love them! :)

I love these crosses...I saved a few out for me. I am pretty sure they are glass.

Pretty crystal ornies...

Other beautiful ornaments...

Merry Christmas signs to add to your Christmas packages...

Now did you find something you just can't live without?? I hope so!! Like I said, I will keep adding items
and take off the ones that are sold. Happy shopping!!

Please note: I only ship to United States and Canada.

Thank you!

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Susan EvelynAndRose said...

These are great treasures Sandi! I'm sure they'll find new happy homes soon. I love that Xmas tree you scored at the thrift store (in your last piece) - it's gorgeous! Have fun merrymaking this season. I'll be back to see what you're up to...