Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Embellishment Center ~

I have really needed some more shelving for my glitters, ribbon etc. for quite some time now and I was thrilled to find this at Michaels yesterday. I was in there to get the new Somerset Life (which they did not have and I still haven't found in a store) and purchased some mercury glass items that were 80 % off and we headed out to the car. Next it was on to Barnes and Noble bookstore looking for the magazine and they didn't have it either. So I asked hubby to take me back to Michaels (it was in the same to get something I hadn't gotten previously. I walked back in the door and saw this embellishment center that I had not noticed the first time. I knew it would be perfect and better yet it was half off !!

It came pre-assembled and I can't wait to get it hung on the wall and filled up with my goodies! I love the two bottom shelves that have dowels to hold ribbon. I can now free up some other space that I desperately need to use for other things. Looking forward to a new year full of wonderful possibilities! ~Blessings!

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