Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter ~ A white calming renewal

I love the simple saying on this sign in my home: "Winter ~ A white calming renewal". On the outside I am not feeling much of that calm right now since we were hit with a snowstorm and have several inches of the white powdery stuff, but on the inside...I am praying for a calming renewal. I want to become a more loving and giving person as well as a better Christian and to strive for that on a daily basis. Not to be perfect, but to be all I can be for the one who made me. I hope you have a beautiful day today! Blessings!


Sweet Old Vintage said...

HI Sandi... Tom is out digging us out ... We are suppose to get more... It is really quite beautiful however.... You said some lovely things.... I also would like to become more considerate and a better person.. We tend to let ourselves slide into old habits don't we.

Koleen said...

Sorry you are dealing with the snow. It was cold here today, after being in the 70's yesterday. That's how our winter down here has been. It will be warm a few days, and cold a few days. I'm surprised that we haven't been sick, but thankgoodness. I had some time today and went back and read your archives, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. First, from what I saw, you have a lovely home. And second, you are a loving and giving and very kind person. It shows through your blog. By the way, what became of the settee you found? Were you able to do anything with it?

miss gracies house said...

More snow! Winter has had a calming effect for me-I have had to slow down and re-evaluate and make some hard changes but it's all good!
Thank you soo much for the very sweet comments on my blog-this is all so new to me-I thank you form the bottomof my heart:)
I love the valentines' you made-that scallop punch is awesome, isn't it? I haven't used mine much yet-but plan to!
Have a great day of worship!

Alice W. said...

Here Here Sandi! I feel the same! And I adore that little sign! (Oh and we have the same powdery stuff here...although...not so powdery anymore I suppose...a foot of hard snow! Guess if I were into making snowmen now would be the time!)