Monday, January 19, 2009

Upstairs Wall Progress ~

This is what I have done so far on the upstairs wall that I wrote about a few posts back. I am not sure that I will leave the greenery swag up, but until I figure out what else I am going to do for sure I will leave it there. What do you think? Leave the swag up or take it down? I am also going to put up some empty antique frames with fabric or tulle swagged ...that is the plan anyways. I am in the process of painting the frames an antique cream color. I do love this mirror up there. Progressing slowly but surely ~ Blessings!


Lady Laurie said...

I love this ~ so elegant!
Your blog looks beautiful by the way, and I love the header!

Lady Pamela said...

Love the mirror, but I would take down the greenery. Just my opinion. It looks like the space we are working on today. I will post photos when it is done.
I loved your signiture so much I had Michelle make one for me too. Hope you don't mind me stealing your ideas.

miss gracies house said...

Great progress:)! I would take down the greenery also, but that's just me.
I loved seeing your dishes-I can't pick a them all! Speaking of dishes-I love your new header-I have the matching sugar bowl to that creamer!

Everything is looking soo pretty and cheerful here!
Have a great day,