Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter in Michigan ~

Yep...definitely winter in Michigan. We have seen a lot of snow and subzero temperatures already and winter has barely started! Yikes! I just want to be somewhere warm. My feathered friends house has a snowy roof, the potting shed is so ready for spring, the bushes underneath my picture window are laden down with the white stuff and my back door...well let's just say that one day I couldn't even get it open because there was so much snow and ice. I had to go out the front door and shovel snow away and get the ice off so we could open the back door. Usually I don't mind winter so much, but if this is a sign of things to come in the years ahead I can hear the sunny south calling. Although I would never move...I can hear it......enjoy and have a wonderful day! Blessings! Sandi


Lady Pamela said...

Even though it is so cold, it looks very pretty.
Our snow is mostly melted now.

Dogbert said...

Beautifull pictures, nice landscape of snow :-)