Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Sculpture Festival ~

We attended our first
ice sculpture festival
in Tecumseh, Michigan
on Saturday and it was
so neat to see the different pieces ~

of course this fleur -de- lis
was one of my favorites ~
this snow lady greeted us outside one of the stores ~ isn't she just grand! ice sculpture in progress ~
chess pieces...look at that horse!
we were amazed at the detail put into each sculpture ~
my darling little GD beside a train engine ~
another photo of my cutie pie ~
remember this store from a blog post last year
and we weren't able to visit because they were closed?
they were open for this event and
we stepped inside and warmed up with some
hot chocolate and mocha ~

grapes, wine and cheese sculpture ~
Annika loved the giraffe... fun family times that we cherish ~


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Donna said...

Those look beautiful and c-c-c-cold! Thanks for sharing those sculpture pictures!