Friday, January 15, 2010

Linen, lavender and lace ~

i actually found a little time to create today
while hubby was at a meeting.

i made a few lavender sachets out of linen
and i will be listing them in my etsy store ~

i especially love this one...

it says , "Jesus are you there?"

very fitting for the times we live in when
so many are wondering ~

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BellaRosa said...

I just came from leaving Lady Pamela a get well message, she is in the hospital... when I saw you had a new post :) That sachet is so pretty and that lil card you added is beautitful along with what it says :) Stay warm, Besos, Rose

junkdreams said...

Absolutely gorgeous Sandi!!!!

Donna said...

How lovely!

Karen said...

These are great!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Lovely Sandi

June said...

Hi Sandi.
I think these are just beautiful! I love these tones and I think linen is my favorite fabric in the whole world. I wish I would get in and get more creating done. It seems all I do is make lists of what I want to

Barbara Jean said...

That is too adorable, and what a wonderful way to do simple sachets and give them a message.


barbara jean

Primitive Seasons said...

This is beautiful! I went to school where a large copy of this picture hung in the hallways and it holds many memories for me. Is there any chance you could share the image? I'd so appreciate it. I am really enjoying your blog.


Shabby Kim said...

Beautiful work Sandi!! Better than anything I could probably find a shop somewhere.

T's Daily Treasures said...

These are so beautiful! Love the detail in them all. Blessings for a most wonderful day. Tammy

Free Pretty Things For You said...

Thank you so much for you comment Sandi! it really means a lot!
God bless!