Thursday, June 24, 2010

Storms...storms...storms....and no power

Hi bloggy I am without power because of the
wicked storms that once again roared through last night. Our power went out at 10:30 pm Wednesday evening and
estimated time of restoration is 12 am on Friday.

Right now we are running on generator power {thank God for that}, but only certain things in the house
are hooked up to it...the important things...
THE COMPUTER...the refrigerator, THE COMPUTER,
the freezer, THE COMPUTER, the
Actually I had to run an extension cord around
robin hood's barn to get the computer to an outlet
where there is power.

We heard on the tv news last night right before our power
went out that a tornado was spotted near Frontier
and that is just up the road a bit...maybe five or six miles.
Not very far at brother
lives very close to there. I need to make some phone calls
asap and see what happened.

So for now...I won't be in blogland much! Have a super wonderful day each and every one of you!! Blessings~


Rosewood Cottage said...

We have had some horrid weather here in Michigan this past week huh? The town near me (Whitmore Lake) lost it over the weekend. Last night was pretty fierce and I can only image it hit your side of the state pretty hard. Keeping fingers crossed that you are restored soon! Thank goodness for generators! :)


Sheila said...

Sandie it is a hardship to be without power, as we are so use to having it. I do hope all is well with your family and things get back to normal. Your flowers are soooooooooooooooooo lovely. Sheila

Cabin and Cottage said...

Glad you're otherwise okay! Hope all is back up and running before you know it--Best to you--Jacqueline

Julie Marie said...

Glad you are safe Sandi and hoping your power comes back on soon... I just hate that, I always walk around still flipping on light switches! Or say Ill make a pot of coffee, and we don't even have a generator! xoxo Julie Marie

donna...@ d. reyné.com said...

I am thinking about you!
We to have had some really nasty storms the past few days. We still have water standing in the yard like mini ponds.
I hope thngs get back to normal for you soon.
Blessings and hugs,

Marilyn said...

Love those generators!! Good you have the priorities!!
Have a Great Day Anyway!!

Amanda Kaake said...

So glad you're ok! I hear you on the computer :)

Crystal said...

Glad everything is OK! At least you have the generator! Hopefully they'll get things fixed soon! Take care!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Sandi... Hope you have your power back... I thought of you several time during the storm and knew you were quite close to where things were very intense... We spent the time in the basement watching the storms as they passed on TV. The storms are too close for comfort... Darn old heat anyway... Glad you are safe...

T's Daily Treasures said...

Glad everyone is safe and that you have a generator to help out. I'm sure many don't. HOpe the weather clears soon. I guess we are in for some wild storms when we are in the States this summer. Seems like it is crazy everywhere. Take care! Tammy