Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update: storms

Imagine my surprise when I stepped out my back door
this morning , walked out in our back yard and found
this branch lying next to the house. I am so thankful
that we did not get the 80 mph winds that some did
or I am sure this huge tree would have come right
down on top of our house or through the kitchen

It is an old tree that keeps losing it's branches and
really needs to be cut down, but just
haven't gotten to that yet.

Still no power...still running generator. Power to
come back on sometime tomorrow.



Marilyn said...

I guess no matter what you can always find a worse-case-senario.
Take care & keep your head down!!

Irene said...

I hope there is not too much damage, great picture though.

June said...

Dang...that was too close for comfort! I'd be out there sawing away at that big tree today. Oh wait maybe not, I could maybe get a new house if a tree fell on mine. Believe me...I'm just kidding here!
I hope you get power soon.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Glad you're safe, Sandi! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has run a computer on a generator! Ha! ♥

QueenBe said...

So glad you avoided the dangerous winds, too. We have lucked out in our nexk of the woods, although parts of Michigan was not so lucky the last couple of weeks.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Sandi,
I'm glad it wasn't any closer. Thinking of you without any power, just take it easy and try to relax. So glad you're alright!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sandi, that was one powerful storm. Ok, I'll swing by and get Becky in Florida and then fly up and pick you up in Michigan. Oh there's one problem, I don't fly :) So that means you'll have to plan a trip to Texas!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

WHEW !!!! So glad you were not hurt...or the house hit ..that is one big piece of tree.
HAVE THAT TREE CUT DOWN..or the next time, it WILL be in your kitchen !!

Don't we HATE to be without electricity....and our inconvenient !!


afarmer' said...

Hi Sandi! So glad everyone is ok~and that you didn't have any damage~these storms are crazy! I hope your power comes on soon! xoxoxo Maryann