Sunday, June 20, 2010

There's a man out there...

who is my hero.

From the time he was little, God knew he would be my dad.

and God also knew that he would be the
best father ever to this little gal.
{and my siblings as well}

He knew that he would love us, and comfort us,
teach us right from wrong, and show us who God is.
He has always been everything a father should be
and more.
I am so glad that God chose that Father to be mine!

I think of all the children out there who didn't have a
father who loves them and I know how very fortunate
I am. I thank God every day for a loving, caring
father who I love dearly and who has always been
my hero.

Thank you dad for everything
and Happy Father's Day!

{snapped this photo of my father and youngest great grandson
last night when they were visiting}

You may have thought I didn’t see, or that I hadn’t heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me, but I got every word.
Perhaps you thought I missed it all, and that we’d grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything, it’s written on my heart.
Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today;
You built a strong foundation, no one can take away.
I’ve grown up with your values, and I’m very glad I did;
So here’s to you, dear father, from your forever grateful kid
-author unknown



Passionate for White said...

Such a very nice tribute to your Dad! Thanks for sharing...

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Sandi.. I am so glad you have been able to enjoy this Father's Day with your father... It is a true blessing and may it continue for many years.... Enjoy...

Petite Michelle Louise said...

what a beautiful post sandi. you are so very blessed to have your father then and now. happy father's day to him.

Donna said...

Best wishes to your dad on this special day!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Sandi... wonderful photos and thoughts... treasure every moment with your daddy... my daddy is gone now, my guardian angel, and I miss him so much... xoxo Julie Marie

LDH said...

Sweet tribute to your hero! :)

Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh so sweet! You are blessed to be able to write this...and I know that you know that you are:)
THANK YOU so very much for the kindest of encouraging we are hubby and the Father of all fathers!

Irene said...


Marydon said...

Sweet Sandi ~ What a precious & heart rendering write ... the pictures are so lovingly wonderful!

You are so lucky to have a dad to enjoy & love from birth forward ... I am so grateful that I have God as a Father who truly loves & cares.

Treasure the beauty of your relationship ... you are blessed.

Hugs of love, Marydon

afarmersdaughter said...

How sweet Sandi! I love the pictures of your dad~your blog is always so beautiful~thoughtful~whimsical~and inspirational!xoxo Maryann

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh Sandi, what a very special tribute to your sweet dad! I love that pic of him holding that adorable baby! I miss my dear daddy everyday, but even more on days like today.

Just a quick reminder ~ the WEDDING BLOG PARTY is coming up this Friday, June 25th! Hope to see you there! It just wouldn't be a party without you! :0)

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Amanda Kaake said...

Aw that's neat. At first I thought "oh that's Jon! I wonder how long ago that was taken". I didn't recognize the outfit though. Then I saw it was Kanaan! He's getting big!