Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fragrant Rosemary

Do you love Rosemary? I love the fragrant smell and I hope I can
keep these plants alive. I am not so good at
houseplants and it gets too cold in Michigan to
keep it out in the wintertime so...
here's to...dreaming,
wishing and hoping...that they will survive.

I didn't want the green pot showing so I took a
vintage runner and draped it around and then
added an antique pin.

It is setting on a favorite pedestal

I see a bug or two on the windowsill...NOW!

Don't look too close outside...some of the
fence staves are missing. A *to do* project
for sometime.

I also want to do some decorating with some of
the Rosemary so one plant may get severly pruned. lol.

Isn't this pedestal amazing?

I think it is a beauty. Happy weekend!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

I love Rosemary too Sandi, and like yours, mine will not survive our harsh winters, so inside it comes... I love how you wrapped the runner around the pot and put a vintage jewel on it... beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

Donna said...

We love to keep rosemary year-round! We bring it indoors when the weather turns cold. It prefers generous light and it must be kept on the dry side. Your creative wrapping solution is lovely!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Very pretty, Sandi,
I too love rosemary and my favorite thing to do is to mix it with lavender for a heavenly scent. Love the way you've hidden the green on the pots so beautifully!
Bon weekend xoxo~Tracie

It's me said...

I love rosemary too Sandi........nice pictures !!...happy weekend Ria...

Elyse said...

hi sandi,

everything looks so picturesque! rosemary smells so wonderful even dried so if the plant doesn't do well in the cold, you can have fresh rosemary for your turkey! :)

i like the idea for covering the planter. i have a planter that's very useful but not so purty. i might have to borrow this idea.

happy weekend!


Irene said...

I love your Rosemary, I've not had much luck with it either. However, on that beautiful pedestal how could it not thrive.

Faded Charm said...

I also love rosemary and have one on my front porch. We'll see if it lsats outside or if I need to bring it inside. Inside plants don't do so well for me..I think because we have wood heat???

Beautiful photos you've shared with us.


Pamela said...

Yes! Love rosemary. And I love what you have done with yours for the winter.

June said...

Hey Sandi...I'll send you the wreath if you'll send me the pedestal!
When you mentioned I could sell the wreaths, my fingers instantly started burning. Seriously, you should see the ends of my fingers after being burned with the glue so often while making the wreath. I haven't used a glue gun in awhile and don't plan on using it anytime soon either.LOL!
Now you have me itching for a rosemary plant. I'm like you though. I can't keep houseplants alive either.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Sandi, I love rosemary. The smell is just wonderful and we often use it for chicken, potatoes and tomato sauce. I also like the look of it and have it decorated in the living room from time to time.
Have a great Sunday!

Alison Gibbs said...

Love rosemary. Last night I put some rosemary in with the potatoes and pumkin that I baked/roasted.
Yummy to taste and devine to smell

The Tablescaper said...

Love how you drapped that scarf and pin around the pot. You transformed the entire look.

- The Tablescaper

The shabby paris market said... your blog! I see off to the left you have a photo of "sweet Annie." I use to grow this and had wreaths decorated...and..oh my...I love the scent!

Do you know where I can find it now? I have been looking for years now and kinda gave up..until I just was reminded by your photo! Now I REALLY want some! lol;)

Thanks for the inspiring blog and photo's!

Shabby hugs...xo..Dawn

Amanda Kaake said...

I think one of those rosemary plants wants to come to my house ;) Those are gorgeous!

LMcBurney said...

I had a rosemary plant that was trimmed like a Christmas tree. I was so cute. I neglected the warning to keep the soil moist and it died. So I hope you will do much better than I did at keeping the soil moist.