Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's on your Christmas list?

Will you ask for something pretty and feminine like jewelry or some beautiful ruffled item? Or perhaps something more practical like tv tables so you can continue to create while you are watching
your favorite movie or show ?

I don't really have a list this year...after all I am 51 years old and I really don't need a list.

But if I did have a list it just might include
a few beautiful soy candles with wonderful fragrances...
{I do love candles}
some french style goodies,
maybe a little bling...
and we can't forget a glittered item or two.
It's the simple things that make my heart go
pitter patter.
I already received a wonderful gift from
Tracey over at French Larkspur and I told
her that if I did not receive one more thing for Christmas I would be over the moon happy! She sent me this beautiful clock face along with my
Jeanne de Arc Living magazine.
She had remembered me mentioning awhile ago that
I love vintage clock faces so being the thoughtful person
that she is...she sent me one.
I was so overwhelmed by her kindness to me!
{yes like a giddy little child at}

Have I ever told you that I am a detail person?
{Detail could be my middle name. lol.}
So is Tracey!
I adore how she wraps all the magazines up and adds
her special touches like a sweet tag, vintage book pages,
punched out snowflakes or birds etc.
I love it all.

I would have never dreamed when I started blogging
that I would *meet* so many wonderful people in blogland. Most of us will probably never meet in person,
but we are kindred spirits and that makes us friends.
Blessings to each of you today and a special blessing
is wished for Tracey.~


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Sandi, how sweet of Tracey to include that with your order... my wish list this year really is about relaxing and enjoying the holidays... even though I am still decorating every room in our home (wow, am I tired already!)... my favorite thing to do is sit by our little fireplace with something warm to drink and listen to Christmas carols, the old ones... I guess that tops my wish list... xoxo Julie Marie (Maybe just one little blingy thing or two)...

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi.. I also recieved my Jeanne d Ark from Tracey... We won't be doing a Christmas list this year or probably ever again... Tom made some decisions that we would drill a new well and place in larger casings as this well is close to 50 years old... ANd he also has a gentleman coming from our water recreation place to come talk to us about building a total new pool.... Our pool is 35 years old and time has taken a toll on it... We will see what the cost is... we have a figure in mind but will see..... to be continued...

Donna said...

What a beautifully wrapped package! I always love to see how others wrap their treasures, so inspiring, and just as exciting as what's inside! And how sweet of her to send you the clock face! I've never seen a Jeanne de Arc Living magazine before, but it sounds like they are wonderful! I'm going over to check out Tracey's site!
I always ask for a gift card for Christmas to either Michael's or Hobby Lobby! One year my hubby gave me both!:)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Sandy! What a sweet and thoughtful present! The clock face is lovely! I love them, too! That is something that would be on my wish list for sure!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Sandi ~
That is a wonderful gift~
I just adore that magazine
so very much !!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Sandi,
How pretty your wrapping and clock is from Tracey. She really makes things pretty and you can tell she takes care in sending things out. I always look forward to receiving items from her and that's one of the reasons why I do!
Have a happy weekend.

June said...

Isn't Tracey the sweetest??? That clock face is goreous Sandi. And I'll bet that JAL magazine is too!
hugs to you this Thansgiving...

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandi,
yes we do make wonderfull friendships, in blogland, and for that I`m very thankfull- just like you. You got a so beautifull gift, from your friend, I too love the way it was packed-so pretty-
this year I will be totally practic in my wish: a Lacer printer--oh but what lovely and silly things I can make with such a thing :)
Hugs, Dorthe

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Tracey is such a sweetheart to send you that clock face along with your order! What a lovely gift... it's gorgeous! I agree with you about getting to meet so many kindred spirits in Blogland... it's an absolute joy!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Sandi!
Jo :)

Petite Michelle Louise said...

yes..we are blessed here in this online many kindred spirits. hard to explain to anyone on "the outside." My xmas list?? Hmmmmm... i'd be over the moon with a boxful of old lace and trims, some old buttons and some religious items . That's it...ces't toute! take so little to please us doesn't it? TFS! HAppy Thanksgiving mon amie!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sandi! You will not be able to put that beauty down!!

My Christmas list has a lot of books on there like Pale and Interesting by Atlanta Bartlett. Just saw a sneak peek over at Fifi's...looks fabulous!

aimee said...

what a wonderful surprise. on my CHRISTmas list is a new camera, and an iron/steamer! i enjoy my family and friends (with me and in blog land), and thank the Lord for all of them. i too have met so many talented and sweet blog ladies!

vicki said...

Sandi - I just want some free time and a good book and maybe a day that I can just call all mine for my gifts! For me - like you - it is just the simple things. I am caring less and less about "things and stuff!" Your treasures are really lovely!