Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful flowers and camera woes

I am glad I was able to take some photos of my beautiful
spring flowers a few days ago to share with you
my camera started giving me fits.

Aren't the grape hyacinth and the daffodils so pretty?

But more on that later...
I had visitors last night who were the cutest ever.
There is nothing sweeter than holding this little gal
in my arms (sleeping at the time) and having her big
sister (below) also climb up in my lap and smooch
me over and over and say,
"I love you so , so , so , so much"!
Melted my heart.

Annika cut out lots of paper hearts after I drew
them on paper for her. She is our little "lefty"
in the family and oh so cute.

I took several photos of Annika and Ainsley last night
and then I put my Canon Powershot S5IS camera
back in it's case.

I got it out a few minutes ago to use and the LCD screen
is totally black. Once in awhile it will show the pictures
in playback mode, but not always and nothing in picture
taking mode. I am so bummed.
You would think for the almost $400 that I paid for it that it
would last longer than a year. I am going to contact Canon
and see what to do. In the meantime I may have to use
hubby's point and shoot Nikon.

Oh what is a blogging girl to do without her camera...

hoping for a fix soon.


d. reyné said...

Oh my Sandi!
I have had a few camera issues this week too!
My memory card jammed and it cost me %50.00 to get it removed and the eject button fixed!
You have the cutest little ones running around in your life!
What fun!
I hope you have a wonderful is cold and dreary pretty flowers to be seen!

June said...

Oh darn it Sandi, I am so sorry about your camera! But am I ever glad you got these two cuties before it went kaput. They are sure growing up.
sending hugs...

Irene said...

Yes you would think for that kinda money you'd get more than a year out of it.

Marian said...

Do hope your camera gets fixed fast!! You are blessed beautiful grand babies!! Have a wonderful day!

A Cottage Muse said...

They just don't make things like they used to!!

The girls are just gorgeous!