Thursday, April 7, 2011

A trip to children's hospital...update

Granddaughter number 1

Allysha Lynn

her and I like peas in a pod.

{this photo was taken at her house
when we were getting ready to leave
to come back home after visiting one weekend}

Hard to believe that she was this little once

Look what I found grandma!

my beautiful fairy growing up

Ready for a tea party

My sweet Allysha. She is our first grandchild and
her and her mommy {our daughter} lived with us
for four years after she was born.

I took care of her while her mother worked and
basically raised her at that time. We have always been
very close. Many were the times after her mother got
married and moved two hours away that Allysha would
come and stay with me for several days and when
they would leave to go home both our hearts would
break. I would watch time after time as they drove
away with Allysha looking out the window crying
for me and I will admit that I cried too.

But she is growing up and with that comes
understanding for her {and me} that she can't be
with grandma all the time. lol.

{She is 11 now almost 12}
Fast forward to this past year. She has had many
blood draws and tests for a muscle problem and
yesterday she had to go to the big city.
Mott Children's hospital
in Ann Arbor Michigan for
a biopsy. I went along to watch my two grandsons
{her brothers} Have you ever had a five year old
and a 1 and 1/2 year old sitting in a hospital waiting
room for over five hours?? I was amazed at how
well behaved they are and very thankful as well!

A story for you from yesterday:
Jon had to go potty {five year old} so we headed
for the restrooms.
I was going to take him in with me when he
informed me that he is not a girl , but a boy! {ha}
I waited and waited and waited outside that men's
hospital bathroom and finally I cracked open the
door and said
to which he replied
yes, but I can't reach the toilet paper.

Oh my...what a dilema...what to do...didn't really want to
go into the mens restroom when along came this
handsome young gentleman headed into the bathroom
and I asked him if he could help me out. He gave Jon
toilet paper and I waited some more. The young gentleman
came out laughing so much and said, "boy is he a talker"
{SO SO TRUE...doesn't ever stop}
then he told me that Jon said "thank you very much"
and he was still laughing as he walked away.

I waited some more and then I heard him talking inside
the bathroom to an older gentleman that had gone inside.
I thought Jon was just going to stay in there and visit
with everyone who came in. ha!
I finally heard the older gentleman say, "I am going out
now and you should the door opens and out they
come with the older gentleman laughing too. Okay maybe you had to be there, but it was funny
at the time.
This is a long post so I will end , but please
keep my Lyshie in your prayers.

update: I should have said that so far they have
found absolutely
nothing wrong...praying it will stay that way.
God is good!!



Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh heart aches for you. i will be sure to keep your sweet granddaughter in my prayers. sending hugs...

jovialjudi said...

Hi Sandi! What a sweet and dear post!! You had me laughing at the bathroom incident!! LOL Sending your beautiful Lyshie and family prayers!! Please keep us posted when you can. Hugs, Judi

Marydon said...

Prayers lifting, my precious friend ... hope this all comes out in the end with a happy result, sweetie. She is such a beauty Sandi, so resembles you ...

We are BOTH sitting here chuckling at the Jon story ... Jon in the john ... too much. Typical kid-ling.

Keep us posted.
Love & hugs,

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Trisha said...

Definitely keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. So glad to hear there was a little humor in your day!


Jillian said...

Hi Sandi, You are so brave to watch them both in the waiting room! And I loved your story about the mens room. PRayers your sweet Grandaughter is okay and they do not find anything wrong.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hoping all stays positive... Cute story..

A Cottage Muse said...

Sandi you know you will be in my thoughts and prayers...Hugs to you!!

Love the men's room story...a little comic relief always helps! No pun intended!!

Just a Girl said...

Hello, I just happened upon your blog while "blog hopping," and really enjoyed reading all of your posts!

I am so sorry about your grand-daughter, I will pray for her strength and courage, and that of your family's.

I love your little story about your grandson in the restroom, kids are always so hilarious! I am a nanny to toddler twins and end up laughing at something funny every day. ;o)


~Just a Girl

nwalker said...

God is so good! I hope your beautiful granddaughter gets a perfect report. Such a sweet post.

Lady Pamela said...

Sandi, I have a grandson like that, too. His name is Carter. Talks just like his mom did. Please let your granddaughter know that we are praying for her.

Mourning Dove Farm said...

I am so happy they found nothing wrong. Your post really moved me--lovely pictures. I too have an 11 year old granddaughter that I raised until recently and they have moved 6 hours away. There is nothing like that relationship is there? She was my first grandchild also.

Amanda Kaake said...

Thank you so much for watching the boys. I'm so thankful they were good for you. Love you mom!