Friday, April 1, 2011

Freebies at the April fools!

There are days that I love the Goodwill and then there
are also days that I really don't even like it. The day that I found these goodies it was great!

I found these two candles...$2 and $3 brand new.
The white candle is Honeysuckle Mint Tea
by Henri Bendel...fabulous!

This amazing frame was $4, but I got it
for free. Nope... didn't pay one red cent for it.

This shelf was $3, the wallpaper roll $2 and the package
of doilies was $2.00, but again free for me.

Oh...wait a minute I did end up paying $1.00 for all
of it instead of $11.00
Our Goodwill stores have a card you can get and
each time you spend $15 they punch it for you. After
seven punches you get $10 worth of goodies free.

Now they won't ever come out and tell you about
this little savings card, but I saw it posted one day
in their store and asked about it and got my card.
Love you?? Does your Goodwill do this
too. Just wondering... Happy April 1st!!



Bella said...

Hi Sandi,
A whole bag full of great finds... free!! I gotta see if they do the punch cards here, thanks for the tip!

Victoria said...

How nice that your GW does that! Our doesn't and I rarely find anything nice there. Your finds are lovely:)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Sweet huh! My GW does something similar but through their system.I too love free loot.Great finds! ~Cheers Kim

A Cottage Muse said...

Awesome!! Loving that wallpaper! A new dealer at our shop used the same stuff as a backdrop in her looks just great!

Irma@CosasBellas said...

I have great GW stores in my area but I haven't seen a deal like that, I guess it won't hurt to ask next time I'm there.
I spend so much money there I would have tons of freebies by now. lol
My local Salvation Army is the one with the buy one get one free deal and the other day another local thrift store had a $1 special on EVERYTHING in the store.
woohoo!!! Good day!

You got some great things!