Friday, April 8, 2011

Can't wait!

...until these little violas or johnny-jump-ups
appear. We won't have to wait too long now.
Our forecast is for 83 degrees on Sunday
which will be a record if we hit it.
I am definitely ready for warmer weather.

I pulled these photos from last years file because
I wanted to do a pretty post and I am just too dog
gone tired to take any photos. Worn out...exhausted...
just plain tired...yep that's me. But tomorrow is another
day and I shall recoup.

Still loving this birdcage/candleholder just as much
as the day I found it along with the gray pot and
my flower frogs.

Yes is almost time here in Michigan for
the flower gardening to begin and I for one
can't wait!

"The flowers appear on the earth;
the time of the singing of birds is come..."
Song of Solomon 2:12


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... love your gorgeous little jump~ups!... I want your weather!... we are in another blizzard right now and have been for the last two days... Spring???... my elusive dream... xoxo Julie Marie

Marydon said...

I so love those precious little faces on these little beauties. Really pretty, Sandi. Cold nasty wet windy day here today ... feels more like late fall, ugh!

I am ready to dig in that dirt!

Have a sweet PS weekend ~

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Just a Girl said...

What pretty pictures! I know just what you mean about being exhausted while trying to blog! I get home from work everyday and make a point to blog, but I'm always so darn sleepy and out of it. Somehow I manage though, lol! I hope you had a nice Friday! :)

Barbara Jean said...

You can share old photos any time! Sweet!

barbara jean

Irene said...

Lovely shot, I hear you about the tiredness. I played hookey yesterday and didn't go to my Mom's. I have a workshop today, and thought for sure I'd never be attentive if I didn't rest up a little. What is it with us? Why are we so tired?

Elyse said...

beautiful and i'm thinking the gray pot is a zinc pot and i think they were used to mix medicine (?). i bought one at brimfield and that's what everyone told me when i posted about it. beautiful combo of colors!

happy weekend


A Cottage Muse said...

83...I am jealous!!

I really shouldn't complain, we had beautiful weather yesterday for the event and hoping for more of the same today!