Thursday, August 18, 2011

My booth and wandering Gypsy

Remember when I gave up my booth to take a break from whatever it was that I was doing? I recommended that my friend Marian take it. {Remember I met her at her store in Blissfield ,Michigan and she knew who I was from reading my blog ...she grabbed me and hugged me} It was a great day!! Well anyhow...she now has my the booth {why I keep calling it MY booth I have no idea because it really isn’t mine anymore} and I wanted to show you how fabulous she has it all set up. I intended to get back up and get some more pictures and that has not happened.

                                      Love all these goodies and how she has them displayed.

                                            I am thinking I need this sign for my kitchen!

                                                            Gorgeous chandelier!!

                                                     In L.O.V.E. with this chalkboard.
                          I stole her idea and came home and wrote the same thing on  mine.
                                                             shh...don't tell her! :)
                                              Can't have too many pillows!

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this basket too!!

I just love everything about how she has it all set up and I hope she stays
there for a long time because it is the best booth in the whole mall!!!

I am so tired today , but wanted to get this post up since it has been several days since I posted. I have just plain ran out of steam from shopping today so I will be resting tomorrow. {that is the plan anyways}   *Smile*

Now for some sad news regarding my kitty Gyspy...she has wandered off and we have not seen her since Sunday.  Remember hubby found her in the middle of the road and brought her home? I think she was born to wander.  We really think that she went to church with us or my daughter's family underneath
the car and then made her home in the town that our church is in. Several of us were standing inside the
church foyer Sunday and noticed this kitty walking around underneath cars and someone made the remark that it probably rode to church underneath someones car. We now think it
was Gyspy because we haven't seen her since!! Little stinker! We put out the word and drove through town looking for her, but so far nothing. I have a feeling if she did come back that she would just do it again.
She obviously has a wandering spirit and just can't stay too long in one place.
Darling gd Annika just loved her to pieces and played with her last time she was here... I haven't told her yet.
I am not planning on replacing Gyspy, but I will keep her memory in my heart.

{accidentally blew away my signature again...oops}


Sweet Old Vintage said...

The booth is quite lovely... Sorry about the kitty but that is their natural sometimes...

aimee said...

wow your right your i mean her booth is very sweet! i love the chocolate brown color and all of those treasures :)
ill pray you find your little kitty.

Anonymous said...

Sandi, you have the magic touch, your eye and camera made our booth look better than I remember!! Thank you Sweet Lady, for taking the time and honoring me on your Beautiful Blog. You are a very special someone that God has placed in my life. So sorry to hear that Gypsy has moved on, I guess it is time for her to share some love with another family, if only for a short while..
Blessings and Hugs to you! Marian

Anonymous said...

Sandi, your eye and way with a camera has made OUR booth look better than I remember. Thank you for taking the time and for honoring our booth on your Beautiful Blog. You are a very Special Someone that God has placed in my life, my own Wayside Treasure!! Keep on doing what you do best, sharing your beauty with all of us!
So sorry to hear your little Gypsy has moved on, I guess it is time for her to share some love with another family, if even for a short while.
Hugs and Blessing my friend! Marian

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gypsy, Sandi! Hopefully your sweet little kitty will somehow find her way back to you. You didn't have her too long but I imagine that you miss her a lot already though.
The booth looks wonderful and is filled with great treasures. Especially that French sign is awesome.
Hugs to you,

GardenChic said...

Love your site and all the wonderful photos. Very inspirational. Love all the French goodies.

Love, Jody

Ruzena said...

Love the pillows, blackboard frame, and getting obsessed with birdcages and white washing items!!!! You are a genius!!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Her booth looks fabulous!
Love that message on the chalkboard...I am going to borrow it too!
Sorry to hear about sweet little Gypsy ~ I'll be thinking positive and maybe she will wander home soon!