Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing hide and seek

Do you ever feel like you are playing *hide and seek* when you are out and about looking for treasures?
 I sure do! Somedays they are few and far between and other days they seem to be abundant. There are days when I want to stand in the middle of a antique mall and yell, "come out , come out wherever you are". lol.

I found a whole pile of these berry boxes at the Route 127 garage sales for 25 cents. Someone has painted several of them white , but it is glossy white. I may repaint them in a flat color. I found the tiny berry boxes in front of the other stacks at an antique store awhile ago. I L.O.V.E. the small sizes of these.

Loving this marked Nelson McCoy that I just picked up this past week for 2.99!  You know me. I love anything in creams and whites. The color was right and the price so I made it mine quickly.

I found this creamer and sugar at the Goodwill. The sugar is Grindley and the creamer is not marked, but again...right color and right price.

These two jars from France were found on the Route 127 garage sales a few weeks ago as well. I paid $1.00 for one and I think $1.50 for the other. I decided to use one for sugar and added the pretty silver spoon. I have a spoon somewhere that is bent so I could hang it over the wire bail, but do you think I can find it?? Noooooo...!

I have had quite a busy week so far. Yesterday I weeded a very large part of my flower beds. I couldn't just pull the weeds. It was one of those *get the shovel out and turn over the soil to get every weed out* kind of days. I also planted two invincible hydrangeas. {that was really the reason I started weeding in the first place} The tiny little pink flower you see in my photos is what they will look like. I can't wait till next year to see how they produce.  The plants were regular 24.88 each and on sale for $5.00! After weeding yesterday, moving some hollyhocks and digging out other plants, I   think I need a couple more of them!

Then when hubby got home I helped him some more on the soffit and fascia and weeded the front flower garden while I was out there. I have decided that I need a full time gardener. This is wearing me out!! :)

I hope you enjoyed my white finds today as I join Kathleen over at Faded Charm once again for our favorite day of the week...White Wednesday.  Here is to all of you  when you are seeking those wonderful goodies that they don't stay in hiding!


Susan said...

Fabulous (and thrifty!) treasures you've got there, Sandi. Love those adorable berry boxes. Your sprigs of pink hydrangea are so pretty throughout. I hope they thrive for you next year so that all that work will be worth it!
Happy WW, Susan

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I really like the little berry boxes with the green trim. Nice finds.

Karen said...

Great finds! I really love the french jars. How cute! Hunting for treasures is such fun.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sandi,
It's all so beautiful and I love your"hide and seek" analogy!! SO adorable--and true too!!

Your blog header is purely amazing and I love that Bible verse...Now I have to go look it up so I can mark it in my Bible.

Wishing you a fabulous week~

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Sandi!

Yes, when I go to the shops, I'm wondering WHERE the vintage ornaments are hiding and WHERE the Irmi is! Others seem to find them... Hmmm...

Honey, I think you've already got a full time gardner! YOU! :) I've hardly gardened at all this year. Too cold and I can't seem to do it without hurting my back. That's why I got into crafting. Gardening used to be my main hobby- well that and writing!

I found one of those jars recently but didn't know what they were called! For now, i have fabric scraps in mine. Hope you find your spoon! ♥

stefanie said...

wow!!! you always find the BEST treasures!!!!
thanks for the visit and sweet comments, I need to try the mod podge method, seems soooo much easier, I did it the hard way, carbon paper transfer, then painted it.

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Sandi, Oh, I love finding buried treasure, and when it's at a bargain low price, it's even more exciting. You found some great treasures. Love those little fruit boxes. I have been out weeding too and also need a gardener :). I don't know how the weeds got so big lol. I had to go get the hoe; so I can relate. We planted 4 new hydrangeas earlier this summer. Love them!
Have a great day!
~ Julie

kathee said...

Hi Sandi, Thanks so much for the comment on my blog...I know the book is a bit pricey...but let me tell you girl..WORTH every penny!!
I do love you finds...especially the jars! GORGEOUS!!
Thanks again, kathee

Miss Gracie's House said...

I know! Sometimes it is a REAL hunt for the treasures...but I am glad you found that sweet little creamer and sugar...I LOVE them!

Marydon said...

Hide & seek all the time, from me!!! You gals all have such fabulous luck at the GW & YS's ... but ME!!!NooooooooooooPe! Love the new sugar jar. You just have the most beautiful touches you add to everything, my friend.

Battening down for the hurricane, the earthquake didn't do any damage here ... what a week to come home to.
Have a beautiful weekend ~

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, wonderful treasures!... I have looked all over for some of those little berry baskets... when I was a little girl, that is all the berries ever came in and my mama had tons of them... wish I had them now!... xoxo Julie Marie

A Cottage Muse said...

Loving those white goodies Sandi!
Have a great weekend...spending the afternoon getting my trailer hurricane ready!

Tami said...

Wonderful finds love them all!! :o)

Have a safe weekend,hugs!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

some beautiful finds and, as always, i love how you photograph them all! i especially love your creamy McCoy pottery pieces! :)

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

Sandi, those berry baskets are so charming! I love the white creamer set too! What lovely finds :)


Revi said...

Girlfriend, we are on the same page! I never tire of white, and I love texture and patina. Your berry baskets brought back memories - these days you never see them. You don't even see the little green plastic lattice ones anymore! We had a craft at church that asked for those, and we had no luck finding them. I'm following you now, and looking forward to more lovely white goodness!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Great finds, Sandi! I love the cache-pot as well as the creamer and sugar bowl. The jars are great too and the spoon is just beautiful!