Monday, August 22, 2011

My favorite pizza...on the grill!

                    My favorite pizza...on the grill!!! Yumm!!
Frozen bread dough thawed and shaped with hands on a plate or cookie sheet (I separate each loaf into three pieces for this step). We then grill each pizza crust until partially done and then add our goodies to it and finish grilling.
Mine has a tiny bit of tomato sauce {just enough to moisten the dough}, drizzle of olive oil, campari tomatoes(sliced and seeded), chopped green peppers, shredded cheese and BASIL!!!


Marilyn said...

I could just take a bite out of my monitor!! Looks yummy....
Have a Great Week!

Lara said...

Oh yum - it looks great. I'll have to make that easy pizza!

June said...

I will try this Sandi,it sounds so tasty and easy. I love tasty and easy!!!
The photos of your darling little grands are beautiful.
sending hugs

Lady Farmer said...

Well, YUM!
I have just started making my own pizza crust and was thinking it might be wonderful grilled! I will be giving it a try now after seeing how delicious your pizza turned out!

Donna said...

Yum!!! That fresh basil sure makes a difference.

aimee said...

one for the recipe book for sure! mmmm.....i can smell it. can you believe my stomach just growled! i am not kidding!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

One for me, please :-)! That looks very yummy, Sandi!
Hugs to you,

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Oh wow does that look delish! I'm not a fan of pizza but this I would devour!

Jason said...

Great idea!

A Cottage Muse said... I want pizza for dinner!! Looks yummy!

time worn interiors said...