Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Showy summer phlox

I love it when my summer phlox are showing off
their pretty white blooms.

I added a few stems to my frenchy bucket that
I purchased at the Peacock Park sale earlier
this summer.

The blooms are gorgeous, but they don't last long...
and if it rains when they are at their peak they won't
be pretty for long.

They also have an intoxicating smell. wonderful.

I initially planted two plants years ago on the south side of my garage and in the years since then I have moved some here and there. In front of my fence...in back of my fence, and in front of my house too!

I bought my Martha Stewart bistro set several
years ago at Kmart and I still love it.

Enjoying another White Wednesday with Kathleen over at Faded Charm.

I got stung twice behind my knee a few days ago
when I was moving my pretty white bicycle. It
appears a nest was in the making underneath
the wheel well. I yelled quite loudly! :)
Then today while helping hubs on the roof again
I was cutting soffit and pinched my finger quite
well. I think it will turn purple, but I hope the
nail does not fall off. Yep yelled again! lol.
Just another day in the life...

Hubby turned 55 this past Sunday and you know
what he has been looking forward to for a few
years now? Finally being able to eat off the
senior menu at Bob Evans!!! Cracks me up.
It may be just me, but I try to aspire to higher
things. lol

We will also celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary
this Friday. I can't believe it has been that long.
Where , oh where have the years gone?

Has it always been easy? absolutely not.
Is he perfect? no...but he is perfect for me.
{and in case you all were wondering...I am not
perfect either. lol}
Would I do it again? absolutely!


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Sandi ~ Happy Birthday to your husband and Happy Anniversary too!!

Your phlox are beautiful !

Marydon said...

What'dya mean you're not perfect!?!! I beg to differ. Chuckle.

Have a beautiful anniversary, sweet friend.

Love the phlox, but you are right, a wee bit of rain & it is all over for them. Your setting of presentation are breathtaking, Sandi.

Keep your fingers where they belong & it isn't under the hammer ... chuckle!

Have a great eve ~
Hugs & love,

Alaina said...

The phlox are beautiful. Happy birthday to your husband. I am happy to hear of a long lasting marriage.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

i adore phlox and in white no less! LOVE them in your french bucket! sigh...

d. reyné said...

Happy Birthday to hubby! That Bob Evans Menu thing made me laugh!
Today is our Anniversary! August must be a huge wedding month... I know several people who just or are about to have an Anniversary
Happy Anniversary to you!
Take care and I Love your white phlox! I think the white is called "David"

Ozma of Odds said...

...beau-TI-ful phlox photos Sandi!!!
(and quit teasin' us with the peacock park pretties would ya'??!!)

* Happiest Birthday to your Hubby!
(mmmm...miss bob evans breakfast sandwhiches!)
* Happiest Anniversary to you both!
(NOT the event for bob evans! no matter what he says!!)
* stay away from any shape objects or squeezy things...ie. mulch...bee stingers...scissors, etc.!!

xo, Rosemary

Irene said...

I thought I already visited? Congratulations on your anniversary, and Happy Birthday to your Hubby. On the Roof??????? be careful. Love your phlox, I can't seem to grow them.

Anonymous said...

My phlox look nothing like yours Sandy- I am wishing they did as yours is gorgeous!! My always looks shabby and not in a good way!

That is so funny about your hubby glad he can get senior discounts now!! Happy Anniversary! We are working on 31 this year so not far behind you.

bee blessed

June said...

What??? Not perfect? Oh I think you're pretty darn close Sandi!!!
I love your phlox. Mine are a few weeks from blooming yet, so I am happy to see yours at their peak.
I hope your accidents are fewer this week and the bees leave you alone!
sending hugs...

Custom Comforts said...

So pretty and calming. Love your bistro set. I was so admiring it and how I wish Kmart still carried it. Would love to have a set for my porch.

Anonymous said...

You are prefect to me.LOL...You crack me up. Count your blessings,you have a husband you can work along side. Me too. smiles, Susie

Lady Pamela said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. We just celebrated our 35th in July. We are buying each other a new bathroom scale. Ha Ha. Trying to keep healthy.

Elyse said...

sweet post -- even though i'm sorry to hear about cuts and stings. your photos are beautiful! cottage perfection, baby!

enjoy your anniversary!


A Cottage Muse said...

Happy Birthday to your honey and a sweet Happy Anniversary to you both!
Sandi...your pictures are just so beautiful!
They are the bees knees...hee hee!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... Happy Birthday to your hubby and Happy Anniversary to both of you!!! I am so sorry you got stung and also hurt... love your pretty flowers... my package arrived and I love everything you sent me! Merci my friend!!! Kitty kisses to Gypsy... I did a special post for you yesterday... xoxo Julie Marie

Susan said...

GORGEOUS phlox Sandi! I love how it looks in your fantastic bucket (also adore your potato basket in recent post).
Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!
- susan

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

So pretty! I keep missing your posts because I subscribe and something goes wrong in blogger and it shows I am no longer subscribed!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness those flowers are GORGEOUS!