Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Route 127 garage sales

I thought I would show you a few of my finds when
hubby and I went to the hundreds thousands of garage sales
on 127 this past weekend. Actually, we didn't even come close to
hitting thousands. We stayed in Ohio and didn't even make it through
that state. lol.

 I will say as far as the many miles we traveled almost everything
I found was close to home. Next year I am staying in our neck
of the woods.

 I found gobs of clay pots. Most were 5 and 10 cents, but I did pay a quarter for the
six larger ones. They weren't priced so I offered the lady that much.

 Lovin the chippy white paint on some of these. I haven't had time to clean them 
off so you get to see them with cobwebs, dirt and all. :)

 I found another crown jar at the antique mall where I frequent for $2.00.

 Fell in L.O.V.E. with this french bottle

 Don't look closely because this is inside my potting shed that still needs a lot of work,
but see these three white posts? I scored these for FREE!

 along with this amazing old screen door.

Can you believe that I was the lucky person to score these?
At first I was told someone else had spoken for them and then
I was told to come and get them. YIPPEE!!
  They came from a 120 year old farmhouse. Can't wait to do something
with them...I know hubby can't wait either because
he always gets pulled into my schemes. lol.

Did you notice my new header and larger pix?
I had Karen work on my blog and I think she did an
amazing job.  This is my first post in the new format and
I think it is going to work ...even on dial up. yay!

Joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm again for White
Wednesday this week.

PS If you didn't see my previous post for key lime pies
in a jar click here.YUMM!


stefanie said...

oh, you did score!!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

GREAT STUFF GIRL!!! I love that yard sale....you have to be brave to do it with the heat (I have) but I found the most wonderful stuff too :) I love everything Sandi!! And your blog is just beautiful ~ Karen did a terrific job for you ~ I hope you are staying cool sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Amy Kinser said...

Wow! Your finds are wonderful.

My son and I went on the 127 yardsales for two years until this year. We always had a blast when we went and I always found the greatest things. The first year, however, my van got plowed into and was totaled. Last year, I ended up with two flat tires. I decided to take a break this year since the last two years didn't turn out so well.

I hope to go back next year.

So glad you got to enjoy it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi,
That is on my top 10 list to travel that big yard sale!! You found some amazing things, I love the old screen door and the crown jar!!
Your blog looks amazing, she did a great job on it!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment.
Have a lovely night.

Eileen @ CBH said...

Sandi, thanks so much for visiting my blog because now I have found yours and it is a delight! Your pictures are so pretty and that header is to die for. I love the ruffled chair! Those posts and that screen door are totally awesome! Such a pretty blog.

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE that screen door!! it is perfect!

barbara jean

Bohemian said...

Oh Sandi... that Screen Door is to die for! *swooning* What a lucky Girl scoring all those fab Treasures!

Dawn... The Bohemian

A Cottage Muse said...

Good Morning Sandi...love the new look of your blog! I am also loving your finds and those freebies are my favorites!! Happy WW dear friend ~ and thanks for your help!

Oh and thanks goodness I have a key lime yogurt in the fridge...it will help my craving! Yum!

Susan said...

Oh gosh, Sandi, I can't believe you scored those fabulous architectural pieces for FREE! Way to go! They are gorgeous, and I love all the other treasures you found. That crown jar is so pretty.
(Love the new blog banner & design, too)
Enjoy the loot,

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Lucky/blessed girl! ♥

Gail said...

I like all your purchases. What is that metal structure with circles cut out in back of your shed? I'm kinda coveting it.

Miss Gracie's House said...

That is an amazing screen door...and posts...we never find stuff like that here at yard sales!
I am going to try that key lime pie in the post below...especially in the jars:)...I hadn't had key lime either until just recently but it is yummy!

June said...

Great finds Sandi!!! This sounds like such a great time. How I wish I could come next year.
sending hugs...

Gypsy said...

WOW I went I saw I bought I was there in the heat loving it for 4 days
you are the DIVA truly amazing finds for those of us who want to know
can you give us a hint about your route to and from....just a hint and maybe a peak at your favorite stops....any crumb will do....thanks so much for all your sharing you truly are the best of all of the 127 gals.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

You really scored on those posts and the old door, Sandi! How wonderful that you got them for free. I also love your jars and the bottle.
Have a great week :-)!
Hugs to you,