Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Come along with me...

...once again to the Memories Antique Mall in Michigan. I promise you will love your visit just
 as much as I do. There are three booths that capture my attention every time and if those were
 the only  three in the whole mall that would be fine with me. :)

I love the corbels in this photo! Kinda wishing I had bought a pair of them, but I am sure
there will be another time when I find some and actually purchase them. :)

Notice all the white? Just perfect for White Wednesday!

This person has a knack for beautiful displays and they always catch my eye. Many times I
get so caught up in taking photos that I don't really notice the things that I am actually
looking for until I get home and view the pictures and then it is too late! Anyone else
ever have that happen to them? 

This booth is Fragments and I could spend  hours in here!! This is how full my house would be if
I didn't restrain myself because I love it all!! But alas, a person can only have so much stuff before
the stuff takes over the house and there is no longer room for the people. I don't want that to
happen! lol

This is what we woke up to at my daughter's house the day we went to the antique mall.
Sandi does not let a little snow stop her!! {At least not very often} I stood in her kitchen and
opened her sliding glass door at the back of her house to get this shot. I think they got about
four inches or so. Hubby and I set out for the antique mall in the morning and when we arrived
they weren't open yet. I was afraid they might not be opening because of the snow, but we
only sat there a couple minutes and someone inside flipped the sign to OPEN and I jumped
out of the car. {ha ha} I had the place all to myself except for one other person who came
a little later. 

Front of daughter's home...so pretty with the freshly fallen snow. Do you see icicle lights?? I just
noticed them!! :)
I really restrained myself and only purchased two items on this trip and they were both in the
Fragments booth. This tiny clock face was one of them.
My other purchase was this larger metal clock face. I have a thing for clock faces. I think
 my husband thinks I have gone over the edge, but we all have our "loves". He loves RC
truck racing and that does absolutely nothing for me, but it is okay because he loves it.
 So he does his thing and I do mine. I will say that he is always a trooper to go along with
me on some of my antiquing trips. Once in awhile {ahem} he sits in the car and snoozes,
but again...that is okay!

{I also took some photos in Leslie's french booth, but that post is for another day. I can 
only upload so many photos with dial up internet before I have all kinds of trouble}

I will be linking up with Kathleen for White Wednesday again this week.  I was able to comment
on more WW posts last week than ever because I was on my daughters high speed computer.
If only mine ran that fast. I am just amazed that I can get to about 15 blogs and comment on hers
 in the time it takes me to do ONE here. :) someday...


Unknown said...

So adore the gorgeous snow pics, but then you know me & snow!!!

What a lovely shop ... ever see feedsacks?
I'd have had a grand time shopping there also.

Have a beautiful day ~

Anonymous said...

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Have a Great Day!!

Unknown said...

so many beautiful vintage goodies. i would have gone CRAZY in there! you showed GREAT restraint! Happy ww! ;)

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

*sigh* some day, I will show up on your door step asking you to take me with you on a shopping trip! lol

Unknown said...

What a great booth! You are right, very nice vignettes. Love your snow pictures too!
XO Cindy

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Loving seeing all the vintage goodies and the snow at your daughters house looks so pretty!

Heaven's Walk said...

So much yumminess, Sandi! I love those sweet clock faces you purchased, too!:)

xoxo laurie

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Love the snow pictures and what a great antique mall. I would be able to spend hours there.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Thanks for taking us along,Sandi!
Happy WW.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

What a fun place to shop! I'd take those corbels home in a heartbeat, too. Actually, I see about a dozen things I'd want to take home. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Hi Sandi! I live in Burton too and love Memories Antique Mall!! I actually bought my first locker basket from Fragments! Have you been to the new antique mall that opened in Burton yet - Collette's Antique and Vintage Mall? I have a booth there and love walking around looking at all the great stuff after I refill my space every week. Let me know if you ever plan to go!