Friday, December 19, 2008

Ever had One of those Days....

Ever had one of those days when you felt like you were running every which way? Yesterday I decided to go shopping in Defiance (approx. 40 miles away ) so I headed out and my cell rang. It was my youngest son "mom...what you doin"...I told him my plans and I said "why" which he told me that he was now sick with the stomach flu which his wife was down with as well and his little girl had also been sick. ( They have had this bug at least TWICE now in the past few weeks and it is not a kind bug. I won’t get into the details, but lets just say it was not pleasant). So I stopped at the store and purchased some meds he wanted and dropped them off at his house which is probably 10 miles or so away but could be considered "on my way" to Defiance. Then it was on to shopping.

I had a good day shopping and I wanted to get home by the time hubby got home from work because we had to drop off our truck at the shop to be worked on . I got home and was puttering around and thankfully happened to check my email and found one asking me to pick up hubby at five pm as he was working overtime. the way, his place of work was right on my way home from Defiance.......okay....I can do that, but had I known that I would have stayed in town longer and picked him up on the way home....LOL...oh well anyway...

Just as I am getting around the phone rings again......."Mom this is Nate....what are you doing tonight"...why Nathan what’s up...(my son that I dropped of meds to earlier in the day) Well, mother-in-law is now very sick and she can’t watch Annika.......can you watch her?.....all the time I am thinking Oh dear Lord pleaseeeee help me not to get this bug because I have company coming in next week......"Sure I can watch her"...."okay can you pick her up at mother in law’s place" So I made a bigggggg sweeping circle to pick up adorable granddaughter and then on to pick up "paw paw" at work. I will say I was soooo tired of driving at that point. Hubby got in the car VERY hungry so we stopped at McDonalds and got him a bite and listened to our sweet granddaughter say , "Fry....fry....fry"...she was liking his fries! So I drive back home yet again and paw paw gets out of the car and into his truck and we take both vehicles to drop off the truck at the shop which was the same direction we just came from! It seems like all I did all day was run around the county over and over. But when we finally got home to stay for the evening we had a very delightful time with our precious granddaugher. She is just a joy and is a very happy little girl.....she made our day!

Wishing you a delightful day filled with unexpected blessings!

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